Our goal is to help you succeed in high school, college, and even after you graduate. We inspire, encourage, and tell you that you’re dreams can come true. We’ve listed some of our favorites, along with some of our professors’ favorites from the years before. If you have a resource that you love and want to share comment or send us an email so we can add it to the list!


  • Purdue Owl – Perfect for finding any and all information on citations, formatting, research papers, and so much more.
  • StudyBlue – Make online flashcards for your classes that you can study on your laptop or phone.
  • Mendeley -Manage research while writing your papers. You can save, organize, and cite all while writing your paper.
  • Rate My Professors – Perfect for figuring out which professor to take for certain classes.
  • Evernote – Perfect for taking notes in class on your devices. Type, and  record the lecture.
  • Notability– Only for your iPads, and mobile apps, but we love this app! You can type notes, record and even handwrite your notes in the apps.
  • Paper Rate– Just copy and paste your essay and view details of your word choice, grammar, spelling, and more!


  • SelfControl – Perfect for when you need self-control from the websites that distract you from writing a paper or studying.
  • Wunderlist– The easy way to keep your life organize, and take it with you.
  • Trello– Mostly used by companies, but is perfect to keep yourself organized!
  • Unroll.Me– The fast and quick way to unsubscribe from those unwanted emails.
  • Dropbox – You can share and save files on your phones and laptops. Perfect for when you are in group projects.
  • GroupMe– We love GroupMe around here! It’s perfect for using when you are in group projects, and need to keep in contact with your other team members.

healthy living

  • MyFitnessPal– Perfect way to keep up with your calories, exercise, and much more!
  • Plant Nanny– What better to remind yourself to keep drinking water, then by growing a plant.
  • Sleep Cycle– Keep up with how you sleep at night, and set alarms to wake you up.
  • Headspace– The perfect meditation app for when you need a five minute mental break.
  • Calm– Another meditation app/website for when you need another mental break.


  • Mint– The perfect way to manage your money, pay your bills, and track your credit score!
  • Venmo– The easy to keep your wallet on you, and send money to your friends.

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