Singleness has always had a stigma of being something you want to avoid. Being in a relationship is a goal to achieve in order to have a better life…or so the world wants you to believe. Singleness always has the stereotype of the sad girl in her pajamas eating ice cream and watching a romantic … Continue reading

There’s something to be said about this generation and dating. There’s also something else to be said about how we truly feel about committing ourselves to, school, religion, a job. You can the name the rest of the list, if you like. We are the generation that is so afraid that we are going … Continue reading

“When are you bringing home a boyfriend?” “But you’re so cute, how can you be single?” “I can hook you up with one of my boyfriend’s friends.” “Have you tried any dating websites?” If you are anything like me, you have heard these phrases (probably many others) repeated to you constantly from friends and family. … Continue reading

Alternately titled, “You learn a lot about yourself and relationships after a long-term five year relationship ends. Pretty sure that Shonda Rimes could create a show on this.” You are probably asking yourself these important questions right now: You are probably thinking why am I just know doing this? Why would I want you to … Continue reading