Budget Summary Printable

Last week we shared a budget tracker printable for you guys to help you track your expenses and achieve your finance goals. Today we are sharing another budget printable to help you along your budgeting journey! This printable is a budget summary, a more condensed version of the budget tracker, highlighting the important points of the tracker. 

This would be great to hang up near your desk or on your fridge so at a glance you can see where you are for the week or month. The more detailed tracker could be for your files/paperwork to reference back to at the end of the week/month to see if you’ve stayed on budget. 

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Budget Tracker Printable

Saving money…. two words that are easier said than done. It seems so easy in theory/in our minds to save money on things, whether it’s only going to get coffee two days a week instead of three or four, or not buying that super cute top but saving that money to put towards student loans. But thinking about budgeting and actually sitting down to figure out the numbers and implement your budget are two totally different things. 

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We asked on Twitter what you guys wanted next from Tribe 21: A Youtube channel, printables or an app and you guys voted for the Youtube channel and printables. It’s going to take us a little longer to get the Youtube channel up but in the meantime we are going to be bringing you guys some fun printables! 

First up is a calendar for February! Can you believe we are already in February?! 

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