The Importance of Professional Development Workshops

If you're in college or are a recent graduate, I bet that you’ve likely heard of professional development or P.D. at least once or twice. In just about any career, it's important to attend professional development workshops because they have so much to offer you and can be so benefit in your professional life for … Continue reading The Importance of Professional Development Workshops

Hi everyone! Katie and Samantha here. Today starts the week of posts that is different than anything we've ever done. We are a little nervous to launch it but we are also excited too. We started Tribe 21 as a place to encourage and inspire but also as a place to educate and bring awareness to … Continue reading

We are already 9 days into 2017.... NINE DAYS! How crazy is that?! We've been hard at work at Tribe 21 cranking up some great new content and revamping some things (thoughts on our new logo?) for you guys! Katie, myself and the entire Tribe 21 team want to continue to inspire, encourage, educate and … Continue reading

Happy Saturday y'all! I know we don't typically post on the weekend but it's a special occasion. We just wrapped up our first giveaway yesterday and now have our two winners!  First we want to thank everyone who entered and who has supported us. You guys mean the world to us and we couldn't have … Continue reading

Happy Monday everyone! Today we are SO excited because we are hosting a giveaway! Yup you read that right, we are giving away a ton of cute stuff to our awesome readers! It's in honor of launching and being blown away by the support and response from you guys, because we could all use some happiness … Continue reading