The Imposter Syndrome

Recently I got an assignment back from university. I’d done well, really well. So well in fact that I thought that they’d probably messed up and given the wrong paper back to me. When I realised that actually this was my paper, I didn’t feel confident and happy like I should have done. I just thought it was a fluke.

For as long as I can remember this has been my go-to feeling when I succeed. And I know I’m not the only one that feels this way.

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10 Things To Do During the Summer

Summer break is the time to relax and unwind from dealing with professors, papers, and even people. If you google “things to do on summer break,” you’ll get a WIDE variety of things. These are just some of the ones I think everyone should do if they get the chance.

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The Importance of Professional Development Workshops

If you’re in college or are a recent graduate, I bet that you’ve likely heard of professional development or P.D. at least once or twice. In just about any career, it’s important to attend professional development workshops because they have so much to offer you and can be so benefit in your professional life for years to come.

As an education major, where funding for P.D. can be very minimal or nonexistent, I jump at the chance to attend a workshop that I think will help me. I recently attended a professional development workshop that I really loved. Not only did I gain a lot of information about the designated topic, which this one was about Blended Learning, but it really opened my eyes to how important professional development really is.

Today I want to share a few reasons why professional development workshops should be important to you.

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Hi everyone! Katie and Samantha here. Today starts the week of posts that is different than anything we’ve ever done. We are a little nervous to launch it but we are also excited too. We started Tribe 21 as a place to encourage and inspire but also as a place to educate and bring awareness to various issues. It’s a space where we try to keep it upbeat and fun with posts but also make sure we are tacking topics that maybe aren’t the prettiest to talk about but that need to be talked about. Keeping things real, relatable and transparent is some of the most important things to us.

So with all of this being said starting tomorrow we are going to be publishing various articles about sex. Yup we said it sex. We know this a kind of taboo subject but we want to make sure the not so pretty topics are still being talked about and helping our readers, followers or those just stumbling upon our site. We want to help you guys be more educated and aware as well as be able to ask questions that you have or maybe a little embarrassed to ask your friends or others. You can ask us your questions through our #AskTribe21 tag on Twitter or you can send an email ( or through our Contact page

We are nervous and excited to launch them and hope that you guys like them too. As always we want to hear what you think so feel free to leave us a comment below or on the posts or send us an email or reach out through social media. 

Thank you guys for all of your support of Tribe 21. You guys are the reason why it was founded and why we do what we do! 



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We are already 9 days into 2017…. NINE DAYS! How crazy is that?! We’ve been hard at work at Tribe 21 cranking up some great new content and revamping some things (thoughts on our new logo?) for you guys!

Katie, myself and the entire Tribe 21 team want to continue to inspire, encourage, educate and help guide you guys on all things work, school, relationship and life related. We would absolutely love and so greatly appreciate if you’d spend just a few minutes and take this short survey on how we can make Tribe 21 even better for this year! 

You can take the survey by clicking the link here or typing the URL,, directly  into your browser.  

It will also be linked on all our social media too, which if you aren’t following your missing out on some great stuff, so be sure to give us a follow!

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Thank you guys for an incredible 2016. You all blew us away at your support for Tribe 21. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think that in a few short months we’d have over 2,500 followers. We can’t wait to keep growing and getting better and better with each day. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! 



Happy Saturday y’all! I know we don’t typically post on the weekend but it’s a special occasion. We just wrapped up our first giveaway yesterday and now have our two winners! 

First we want to thank everyone who entered and who has supported us. You guys mean the world to us and we couldn’t have done it without you. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts! 

Now on to the moment you’ve all been waiting for! 


The winners are Sara for the grand prize and Illian for the second prize! Congrats to the both of you! Please check your emails for details on how to claim your prize. 

Again thank you to everyone who entered, we wish we could give everyone a prize because you guys are the best! 

And thank you to our awesome sponsors Mint Julep Boutique, Ashley Brooke Designs, Pinch Provisions, Thimblepress and Mint Pop Shop for the adorably cute items!

We hope everyone has a great weekend and we will see you next week! 


Happy Monday everyone! Today we are SO excited because we are hosting a giveaway! Yup you read that right, we are giving away a ton of cute stuff to our awesome readers! It’s in honor of launching and being blown away by the support and response from you guys, because we could all use some happiness right about now and who doesn’t winning cute things? 😉

There are two goodie bundles that we are giving away thanks to our awesome sponsors! Samantha reached out to various brands, before we had even launched our blog, and was again, blown away at how many wanted to partner with us to host this giveaway. We knew we wanted to work with brands who had a similar mission and message to Tribe 21 of empowering, encouraging and inspiring and that are just awesome companies that have high quality items. 

We thought we’d be doing good if we had one brand want to donate but we never could have guessed that FIVE would want to! So a massive thank you times a bajillion to our amazing sponsors.  Make sure you check them out and follow them on social media too, they’re pretty great! 

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Okay now on to what you’ve all been waiting for! 


Mint Julep Boutique ‘Slouchy Dolman’ tunic top | Mint Pop Shop ‘Shine Bright’ notebook | Glitter makeup pouch | Ashley Brooke Designs ‘Go Big or Go Home’ tumbler | Pinch Provisions ‘Minimergency kit’ | Thimblepress ‘Kindness cards’ | Pencils 




The grand prize winner will win one Mint Julep Boutique ‘Slouchy dolman’ tunic top in ‘Wine’ (not pictured) which is the prettiest color for fall/winter, one Mint Pop Shop ‘Shine Bright’ notebook perfect for school or your office, one glitter makeup pouch for holding all your beauty needs, one Ashley Brooke Designs ‘Go Big or Go Home’ tumbler to hold your favorite iced coffee, water, tea, juice or soda, one Pinch Provisions ‘Minimergency kits’ perfect for your backpack, purse, travel bag, locker, office or car, a section of Thimblepress ‘Kindness cards’ with cute reminders and graphics that you got this and lastly, a pack of pencils for your notebook. This goodie bundle values at over $100! 

AND Mint Julep was kind enough to offer a promo code to all Tribe 21 followers/readers for 50% off their entire Slouchy Dolman tunic tops! Yup so you can get your own in any one of their super cute colors!


Mint Pop Shop ‘Tasssel scarf in Mocha’ | Pencils | Ashley Brooke Designs ‘All the Secrets notebook’ | Pinch Provisions ‘Minimergency kit’ | ‘Don’t quit your daydream’ wall art | Thimblepress ‘Kindness cards’




Our second winner will receive one Mint Pop Shop ‘Tassel scarf in Mocha’ the perfect accessory, one Ashley Brooke Designs ‘All the Secrets notebook’ to use for school or your office, one Pinch Provisions ‘Minimergency kits’ perfect for on the go emergencies, one ‘Don’t quit your daydream’ wall art to remind you to keep fighting for your dreams, a pack of pencils for jotting down your dreams and a section of Thimblepress ‘Kindness cards’ to remind yourself or give to those who could use some kindness. This goodie bundle is valued at over $70!


So how do you enter to win these goodie bundles? Glad you asked! All you have to do is enter using the Viral Sweep link because WordPress is stupid and won’t let you put in the Rafflecopter widgets… 

There are 15 entries (ignore that it says 10) meaning there are 15 ways you can enter to win, the first 8 are mandatory to “unlock” the others. The other 7 will be additional and will only be counted if we see you have completed the 8 other entries. The 7 aren’t required but up your chances of winning. So you can fill out just 1 or you can fill out all 15 for a better chance to win. We will also be having an extra entry via Instagram so make sure to follow us there to get that freebie! Samantha will enter in all of the entries and number them then use a random number generator to draw the two winners.

There are some rules to the giveaway:
1) You have to be at least 13 years of age or older
2) You must have a valid email address/Facebook account
3) No international entries, sorry 😦 

There will be only one email address/Facebook account per entry, any more will result in disqualification and we don’t wanna do that so please just enter once! 

The giveaway will from today, Monday November 14th till Friday, November 18th at 11:59PM CST. The winner will be contacted by us via email on Saturday and announced on Saturday in a blog post as well as on Instagram, @tribe21_. 

Since the giveaway widget doesn’t allow for submitting your social media handles so we can verify you really followed us/the sponsors, please don’t say you followed if you didn’t, use the honor system 🙂  

Thank you to Mint Julep Boutique, Ashley Brooke Designs, Thimblepress, Mint Pop Shop and Pinch Provisions for all of the adorably cute items in this giveaway and for wanting to donate them in the first place. We were blown away at the response and can’t thank you enough! These items were gifted to Tribe 21 for free, all opinions are our own and are in no way, shape or form influenced by the brands mentioned nor are we making any commission off of them. 
And THANK YOU to all of our followers who believed in Tribe 21 and our message and mission and who supported us even before we started writing content. This is all for you and thanks to you. We couldn’t have done it without you! 


A Note From Katherine & Samantha

We promise that we tried to come up with a more catchy title for this, but we couldn’t think of anything.


Dear Tribe 21 Fam,

Let me introduce myself first. My name is Katherine Kriesky and I am a senior at Murray State University majoring in advertising and English. Typically, I am way too sassy for my own good, make terrible puns, and laugh at way too many jokes that are not funny. My friends call me the perfect mixture of Brooke Davis and Tami Taylor. However, I like to think of myself as the Jess of the world and Samantha is Cece. She is my right hand man (or woman in this case), my go to person, and the person whose phone I blow up 24/7 because I am having a minor freak out. There is also no one else I could imagine starting Tribe 21 with, but I digress.

When I came up with the idea of Tribe 21 almost six months ago, I never believed that we would have gotten the kind of feedback and support that we did. Now fast forward with me to almost a month ago when we launched all of our social media platforms. There are almost 2,000 of you guys now. I’m in awe. I’m shocked, confused, and most of all I’m happy. What I normally tell my team is “I’m not crying, you’re crying.” Samantha and I have a team of six wonderful and fabulous young ladies working underneath us; all who bring different aspects to this wonderful team. I am certain that I would not know what to do without them at this point.

Tribe 21 is a place for you to connect with people who are going through the same things you are. A place to get ideas and to get answers. A place to have someone who knows what you are going through, who might not live near you, but can help. Tribe 21 is so much more than just a website that has articles on how to survive high school, college, and the life after graduation. It’s a place where you can have an impact on people. And most of all, we want to have an impact on you.

Welcome to the tribe!

Love always,


Hello Tribe 21 fam-

Welcome! I want to be the first to welcome you to Tribe 21! I am SO excited that you are here & a part of this online community! I started Tribe 21 with Katherine—my Internet best friend turned real life best friend—as a place to inspire, encourage, educate, & just help girls navigate this crazy world we call life.

Tribe 21 is the female’s guide to work, school, relationships, & life in the 21st century. Aka we’re like Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide (anyone remember this show?! Or am I just old? Haha!) but online.

I hope you stay awhile & that our articles, tweets, & posts help you through whatever you’re going through. Whether it’s needing help with how to ace your big exam, tips for a first date, or just outfit inspiration, we’re here! I hope that we impact you just as you impact us. Lastly, I hope that you make friends on here & they turn into real life friends like me & Katie and the rest of the Tribe 21 team. There is nothing better than having a group of friends you can tell everything to; good or bad & big or small, they celebrate & and encourage you in it all.

If you ever want to get ahold of me for anything, my social media is linked on the About page or you can email me at I am here for you 24/7, 365!

I am so excited for the future of Tribe 21 and the amazingness that is to come. I’m so glad I can share it with you!

So welcome to the Tribe!