Anxiety can be a touchy subject to talk about, especially around people who don’t fully understand the extent of what it puts you through. Often it’s hard to describe how it feels to someone who hasn’t or doesn’t experience it and even if you can put together the words that sometimes doesn’t even do it … Continue reading Anxiety

By: Sara Buxton  Burn out: you feel a little dead inside but know you have to keep going. The only thing moving one foot in front of the other is the 7th coffee you just downed. You have a test tomorrow that you should probably study for, but if you go to bed right now … Continue reading

Every morning at 9 a.m., my phone goes off and a notification lights up my screen, prompting me to open it and read my daily inspirational message. Some days I’m eagerly waiting to see what the quote is, while other days my hectic morning has moved the thought to the back of my mind. It … Continue reading