What comes to mind when you think of the color pink?

Maybe you identify pink with the color of the dress you wore yesterday, or the blush you put on as you prepared for your day. Maybe you think of the color of a newborn baby’s cheeks as it screams breath into its lungs. Or pink as in the color of the sunrise and sunset, flitting in with blues and oranges and reds; signaling the end of one day and the beginning of another.

And maybe, just maybe, pink is the color you think of that was and is donned by men, women, and children to show unity, and willingness for social change.  

On January 21, 2017, somewhere close to “5 million…worldwide” (WomensMarch.com) donned the color pink and marched to show unity across the globe. The marchers used pink as their color to show they were standing together to ask for equal rights and consideration of minorities and rights for women.

Now if you were slightly confused at what was being marched for, the organization that began the Women’s March is a group of people who are passionate about making sure voices will be heard in order for minorities and individual’s rights to be recognized across a national stage. As stated on their webpage, Women’s March.com says, “We join in diversity to show our presence in numbers too great to ignore.” (Mission)

The goal of the March was to bring together a great deal of people to show solidarity in asking for respect for all people, while following the five guiding principles: “Nonviolence, Community, Attack Forces of Evil, Not People, Accept Suffering, Avoid Internal Violence,” (WomensMarch.com).

The March on Washington D.C. as well as Denver, Minneapolis, Seattle, Phoenix, and hundreds of other locations brought together a huge amount of people wearing pink who were full of passion and hope. The large turnout surprised many, thus making the rights of women a pivotal focus.

This overall peaceful protest surprised the world and showed how many people are ready for change. Many of the people who marched represented the LGBTQ community, were from various religious backgrounds, or were women, children, and men who held signs up asking the government for a realization of rights. Many of the marchers, over the course of the years, talked about how they had felt the sting of insult and the frustration of feeling like they have had no voice to vocalize their fears, maintain their own human privileges and feel a lack of acceptance for who they are as a person, because of the lack of acceptance of individual beliefs.

The movement showed more than just solidarity. It showed a deep passion that people are ready for change. People are ready to be treated well.  

So now that the March is over, what is something you can do to help?

Well, the Women’s March is daily updating a list of things you can do to request help from your Senators and Government. This list is called, 10 Actions in 100 Days, and offers ways for individuals to make a difference. On the WomensMarch.com page, you can also find a list of additional resources for staying involved.

Even if you choose not to participate in these actions, the idea of creating an equal environment for all goes well beyond politics. This reaches beyond the executive buildings of legislature and starts a bit closer to home. It starts with reaching out a hand to someone, having conversations with people and encouraging others to stand up for what is right and what they believe in.

The color pink stretched far and wide on January 21. On that day, it was the color of fighters, believers, peace-keepers, and passionate people who believed in change. The color of pink represents the unity that many people felt, and still feel. It was the color to signal to the people who have felt left out that no individual is alone.



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We all know the saying “New Year New Me” whenever January 1st rolls around, but how many of us really stick to that? I’ll be the first one to hold my hand high to say I like my donuts and ice cream. I’m also not the only one who says I’ll stick to a diet and exercise plan and then quit. I have tried many ways to try to look like someone I’m never going to look like. I’m human. I compare myself to basically every hot girl I meet. I look in the mirror and sometimes wish I looked different. I have body image issues. But do you girls want my secrets to sticking to whatever plan you have for this year?

1) Love yourself.
You were made perfectly to be who you are. You are unique and there is only one of you in this entire world! This is something special; something only you can mold and make into whoever YOU want to be—not who someone in that magazine is or who your friend is….YOU. You have to really know who you are, care for what you have, and accept the beauty of it in your own way. It’s time to put yourself first and really love what you were born with. Everyone has flaws that someone else envies but once you love your own flaws, then you can say “I’m going to do whatever it is I want to do because I am strong, I am beautiful, and I want to do it for me.” Once you want to do something for you there is no stopping you!

2) Change your mindset.
If you look in the mirror and see something you want to change, there is nothing wrong with that. You can change whatever it is you want to if you put your mind to it. The key is to look at it from a loving perspective. If you want to tone up or look better in a dress, set a small obtainable goal. Look at yourself and tell yourself you want to do this for the love of your own body. You want to care for your body to make it strong and healthy. Then, the next time you put on that dress, you will feel like the strong and confident woman that you are.

3) Don’t stop.
It will be hard, it will be long, and at times, it will be frustrating. Nothing worth having in this world is easy. Just remember that no matter how little you do, how bad your workout was, how much you want to quit…the smallest amount of effort you put forth makes you ahead of everyone else on the couch. Keep up the good work, love your body, & have that donut and ice cream (in moderation of course) because you are who you are because YOU want to be it. Find things that work for you. You are all beautiful women in this world and you should shine like the beacon of light you are.


Lizzie is a recent graduate of Murray State University with a degree in advertising. She has big city dreams with a small town life. Lizzie is super spunky and is obsessed with anything coffee. She loves her dog Bee and can be seen obsessing over her on Snapchat and Instagram. Right now Lizzie works with Tribe 21 to help lift up young women and to inspire them to pursue what sets their soul on fire. If you’re comfortable with your dreams that just means they aren’t big enough! 


It wasn’t until my sister entered high school and I was in middle school that we became close.Up until then, we could hardly be in the same room without a fight breaking out. What was I thinking? I was missing out on such a wonderful human being. Here are a few things I’ve learned when my sister became my best friend. 

1. It is much easier to borrow clothes instead of stealing them.
Before, I always tried to be sneaky and steal my sister’s clothes from her closet when she wasn’t home, but that never ended well. Now, it is so much easier (for both of us) to ask, because the answer is always yes—and now since we are both grown, we can share both ways.

2. You gain a bunch of new cool friends.
Becoming friends with my sister eventually led to becoming friends with all of her friends because we spent so much time together. And because I think my sister is cool (now), the same goes for all of her friends. Plus, since they are all older it is like having an abundance of big sisters, which is fantastic.

3. There is always someone to listen to your problems.
And let me tell you, I have a lot of them. Yes, I have friends who listen to me, but nobody really listens like my sister. She sits there and just lets me vent out everything I’m thinking (bless her heart) and doesn’t stop me. I am a person who feels every single little thing, and she knows that, so she also isn’t afraid to let me know when I’m being silly.

4. You can be your complete true self with no judgement.
After spending the day pretending to be a decent human being, it’s nice to be able to let your crazy out with someone who isn’t surprised by it. I go about my day trying to behave like a functional member of society, and it’s hard. My sister lets me be myself, no judgement. For example, I narrate my driving, strange I know, and she just goes along with it.

5. There is someone there constantly rooting for you.
Have exciting news? She is the first person who I tell. Sometimes I think she gets more excited about my successes than I do. She always has faith in me. She believes that I can do anything, and that makes me believe I really can.

6. You have a person who truly understands you.
I’m not kidding when I say my sister knows me better than I know myself. She understands all of my moods (of which I have many). I don’t know how she does it, but I suppose after spending the majority of your life with a person, you get to really know them. Since she is older, she has already had so many experiences, so when it’s my turn to go through something, she is the first one I run to because she just knows.

7. Even when you are mad at each other, she is still your go-to person.
Like I’ve said, I am an emotional person, and I take things personally (even when I know I shouldn’t). This being so, there are times when our friendship hits some waves but she is still the first person to pull me out of the water.

8. She won’t lie to make you feel good.
Tough love. It may not always feel like a good thing, but it is. My sister isn’t afraid to tell me how it is, which sometimes I really hate, but I know it’s for the best. She is really good at telling me when I’m doing something wrong, but even better at telling me when I’m doing something right. Because of this, she makes me into a better person and has helped shape me into who I am today.

9. You have someone to love you unconditionally forever.
As sisters, we have a deeper bond than normal friendships. There really is nothing that could make me stop loving my sister for one minute.

What have you learned from your sister becoming your best friend? Share in the comments below! 


If I’m being honest, one of my biggest fears when going to college was that I wouldn’t make any friends. I think this is normal for all college students, but my fear seemed to be inflated. I was planning on living at home and commuting to college and still wasn’t sure I’d made the right decision. I feared I’d be isolated.

Throughout school I always struggled to find friends that I could really lean on and trust. I’d always have people to talk to during class, but there were only a few people I spent time with outside of school and really talked to more than regular chit chat and sharing information about class assignments. Which was fine for that time in my life, but as high school ended I felt a deep desire for real community. So when I got to college, I wanted to find those girls I could really trust and care for. But I was completely terrified that I never would find them.

But now I’m almost halfway through my sophomore year of school, and I can say that I’ve found those girls. I’ve found good friends that I trust, that I can lean on, that I can talk to, and can count on to encourage me. I’ve found these girls in many different circles too, from clubs, to classes, and even freshman orientation. Through finding these girls, I’ve found that the people you surround yourself with (your tribe) is so very important.

Your tribe is important because you begin to act like them.
It’s true when they say that you begin to act like the people you’re around the most, so it’s important that you surround yourself with those whose values match your values and whose heart matches your heart. It’s important to surround yourself  with “goal diggers” and those that encourage you to go after your own goals too. I think it would be such a shame to wake up in the middle of this crazy life and realize you’ve become someone you hoped you never would  just because you didn’t surround yourself with the right people.

Your tribe is important because you deserve to be treated right.
It’s also true that you need to surround yourself with the people who will treat you the way you deserve to be treated. They should value you. They should love you. They should lift you up. They should encourage you. They should make you laugh. They should push you to achieve your goals. They should be people you can talk to even when what you have to say isn’t positive, even when you just need to complain.
People who do anything less shouldn’t make it into your tribe or your heart. It would be a shame for anyone to be treated anything less that what they absolutely deserve by those they are closest to. (But let’s not forget that to have good people in our tribe, we have to treat those inside like they deserve to be treated as well.)


I know what it’s like to need a strong community around you and I know what it’s like to when your around the wrong people. I know how important my tribe is. Your tribe can make you feel drained and unappreciated if you don’t pick them wisely. However, if you pick who your tribe is carefully, if you really pay attention to who you let it, they can be a major part of success and happiness in your life. They can push you to do things you wouldn’t imagine and get you through times you never thought you’d be able to endure.

So to those still trying to find your tribe and fear you never will, please don’t worry. You’ll find them. They’re out there. There are beautiful people out there who are perfect for your tribe. But never forget how important who you let into your tribe really is. You will begin to act like them and you do deserve the best. Don’t forget- you don’t have to let just anyone in!


Alternately titled “How to feel like you accomplished something without getting out of your pajamas or brushing your hair”

1. Clean Your Room

After years of your parents relentlessly scolding you about your messy room, it can be tempting to just let it go and live your life when you move out. Even if you don’t mean for it to happen, it inevitably will. The day will come when you look around your room and realize it has reached the point where even you don’t know where things are anymore. You could shove some piles in different places and pull out a couple important things, or you can dig down deep to that little place inside of you that desperately wants to try to be a real adult. Embrace this little feeling and run with it. Put everything in a place; maybe even break out some new organizational strategies while you’re at it. If you’re feeling really motivated, you can even break out a vacuum. The feeling of internal pride and accomplishment you feel when you look around and see your floor is well worth the work!

2. Eat a Piece of Fruit or a Vegetable

Growing up, the only green foods I willingly ate were green frosting and green Skittles. But then, I grew up and went to college where my eating habits evolved to include the three classic collegiate food groups: foods stored in the freezer, foods that can be cooked in a microwave, and pizza. To truly set yourself apart from your peers who are eating cheap and convenient food, grab something healthy. Aside from being good for you and helping stave off scurvy, eating fruits and veggies every now and again go a long way to making you feel like you have it all together!

3. Make a To-Do List

As a serial procrastinator and semi-pro Netflix binge-watcher, getting things accomplished can be hard sometimes. Accomplishing a task is one of the best adult feelings out there. When you make a list, it gives you something to aim for so you don’t feel so overwhelmed trying to think of things to do or trying to remember if you’ve done anything. A list doesn’t have to be long, and they can be anything you want. Sometimes my list for a Saturday will only be: make your bed, drink a bottle of water, and walk out to get the mail. Simple things that don’t take much effort, but give you the satisfaction of accomplishment when you cross them off.

4. Read a News Article

With our 21st century lives the way they are, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of news and information we see every day. It’s also easy to think we know everything that’s going on in the world. But how often do we take the time to really learn the story behind the headline? By picking one news story to read you make yourself a more well-rounded and informed person. Being able to say you’ve heard of a news story is one thing. However, knowing a story beyond the title and be able to have an educated conversation about it brings you to a whole new level.

5. Make a Phone Call, Even if it’s Just to Mom

In a world where making phone calls is hard, making phone calls can be hard. Few people enjoy phone conversations, but regardless of your feelings towards them, they are a part of life when you become an adult. Calling a real business or scheduling a real appointment on the phone can be a little daunting, but there’s a pretty simple solution if you want the feeling of accomplishment of a phone call without having to talk to strangers. Just call someone else, like your mom or your grandma. It doesn’t have to be a long, deep conversation; just a phone call.

What things do you do to help you feel like an adult? Share in the comments below!