By: Samantha Goble Ahhhh Spring Break, every high school or twenty something in college favorite time of year. It's a time to escape the cold (if you live in a cold climate) and vacay to a sunny, tropical destination for sun, surf, and sand! But chances are you have a budget and need some hacks … Continue reading

By: Camille Fontenot Organization can come in many forms: being clutter free, just knowing where everything is, or planning out goals and ideas. Let’s talk about organizing your day. I think when you plan out your goals and ideas you are organizing what you want from life--the next 10/5/1 years, months, weeks, and days. It … Continue reading

When I originally tried to write this post a few days ago, it felt uncomfortable, like a farce. You want to know how to be authentic? Be bold. Be strong. Be confident. It really is that easy. It’s a cover up. Social media today creates this universe where it’s impossible to know what’s real, because … Continue reading

I don’t know what you do with your spare time (and money), but I spend much of my time at my local coffee shop. The reason for this is mostly because I am seriously addicted to coffee, but it has also turned into a love of people watching. This may sound a bit creepy, you … Continue reading

What comes to mind when you think of the color pink? Maybe you identify pink with the color of the dress you wore yesterday, or the blush you put on as you prepared for your day. Maybe you think of the color of a newborn baby’s cheeks as it screams breath into its lungs. Or … Continue reading

  We all know the saying “New Year New Me” whenever January 1st rolls around, but how many of us really stick to that? I’ll be the first one to hold my hand high to say I like my donuts and ice cream. I’m also not the only one who says I’ll stick to a … Continue reading