Beginning in November, there was a current of excitement and waves of shopping, celebrating, feasting, and catching up with friends and family. There was so much throughout the holiday season, and now that it’s after the New Year…now what? You’ve already made your New Year’s resolutions and goals and there’s still another 300ish days until the next Holiday season.

There seems to be a lull each year after the holidays are done. There’s a lack of things. A lack of moments of excitement and things to prepare for. Between January and March or when the weather warms up, there’s cold and not many large holidays.

This lull was something that really affected me in college. Being in the Midwest, I was surprised at how gloomy the days were. Overcast skies were a daily occurrence as well as cold temperatures. It definitely made it difficult to get outside.

However, through that lull, there were a few things I found that helped from getting “cabin fever”:

1) Take Short Walks When You Can.
Even when the weather is rather cold, it’s amazing what a little fresh air can do. Bundle up and wear that cute blanket scarf you received for Christmas. Even if you’re walking from your car to the grocery store or your class across campus, take your time and enjoy being outside.

2) Plan One Fun Outing Each Week.
Do something with friends or family or even something to pamper yourself. Write it down in your planner and schedule time in to do something you’ll enjoy, this way you’ll have something to look forward to and plan throughout the week.

3) Find Fun Activities Inside
Bowling, indoor mini-golf and go-cart racing are always good options. Even going to see a new movie with your Tribe!

4) Find Fun Activities Outside
If you live in a climate where you can be outside for a longer amount of time, try skiing or sledding! Seek out an ice skating rink, or even go window shopping.

5) Try a New Recipe
All those cool new dishes you’ve been pinning all year? Why don’t you try a few? Here’s one of my favorites.

6) Pick Up a Good Book
One of my goals for this year is to read quite a bit, and I know that when I’m bored, I probably should be reading. Anyone else this way? Here’s one of my top picks to read in 2017. I’d also recommend a book club with some friends. This way you have something besides school books to read outside of classes.

7) Try Your Hand at Crafting
I feel that my Pinterest is full of crafts that I never do…so why not try some? Here’s a fun craft I’ve been trying to figure out how to do for a while.

8) Take Time to Organize
Cleaning is a great way to sort through things. Often when you’re stuck inside on cold days it is almost freeing to be productive in your livable space. Make room for new decorations, or go through an old box sitting in the back of the closet. This can be rather helpful in making you feel more comfortable in your home.

9) Skype or Call a Friend
There’s nothing better than talking to a friend when you need a cheering up conversation. Why not take the time to sit down and Facetime or call someone? Connecting with the people you are closest to never hurts. Especially when you’re reaching out to say hello and check in.

10) Reach Out
Find a local shelter or outreach mission where you can donate your time and energy to giving back to the community. Make PB&J’s for a soup kitchen, knit hats for the elderly or make a visit to the hospital. There are endless amounts of ways to be involved in your community while doing good. Giving back is an amazing way to grow beyond yourself and help others out. Sometimes, even sharing a smile with someone is the bright spot others need.

What are ways you beat the New Year slump? Share in the comments below! 


Caitlin recently graduated from Luther College with a degree in Elementary Education. She is currently working full time as a Fifth grade teacher, and writing on the side. She loves being able to actively provide support and positivity for others and especially with Tribe 21! In her free time she loves to ski, run, and read. If she’s not outdoors or traveling, she loves to drag family and friends to new ice cream shops. She is a lover of stripes, lemonade, iced coffee, lakes, mountains, and deep conversations. Each fall, you can find her rooting for the Denver Broncos, and in the Winter, the University of North Dakota men’s hockey team. 

Happy 2017 everyone! It’s early January and we all know what that means- it’s time for everyone to decide what their New Year’s resolutions will be for the year. Now, not everyone agrees with making resolutions, and I used to be one of those people. But I’ve still made them almost every single year despite those thoughts, like many others. So today I wanted to share a few important things to remember when it coming to choosing and carrying out your 2017 New Year’s Resolutions.

Make It Realistic.
I think it’s safe to say that we would all love to take on the entire world and would love to accomplish many things and succeed at them all. However, the truth is we can do anything but we can’t do everything. So, when making our New Year’s resolutions this year, it’s important to be realistic it what we will be able to accomplish this year. Choose challenging but realistic New Year’s resolutions! You want something that will be work for you but you want it to also be attainable as long as you work hard. If you choose a New Year’s resolution that is too challenging, you’ll only end up defeated. So please, set yourself up for success.

Make It Personal To You.
New Year’s resolutions can be really daunting and even scary sometimes, so it can be easy to pick good but generic resolution, like “work out” or “drink more water” or get more sleep.” Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that these are bad resolutions because they totally aren’t and are definitely important things. What I’m saying is that you need to pick resolutions that are personal and specific for you and your life. If you truly need to work on something that is typically considered a generic resolution, then it is totally fine for you to choose that and to work on that. However, I want to stress that you shouldn’t pick a generic resolution if it’s not something you truly need to work on. Spend a little time thinking about your resolution and make it personal. Decide on something that you personally need to really improve on.

Believe in Your Ability To Achieve It.
A lot of times people can go into the New Year and into New Year’s resolutions with the idea that they will probably fail and that they most likely won’t achieve whatever it is that they decided to work on in 2017. I just want to remind y’all how self destructive and harmful that attitude can be. If you believe you’ll fail you most likely will. But, if you go into the New Year and any resolutions you choose with the idea that you will achieve every single one of them, you’ll likely do just that. Don’t let a harmful outlook kill your progress before it even starts. Be positive. Believe in yourself.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up About Mistakes.
None of us are perfect and we will all make some sort of mistake. That’s inevitable and okay. So, there’s always a chance that we might mess up on our journey to following through with our New Year’s resolutions. We might decide to skip the gym when we know we shouldn’t. We might forget to bring a water bottle to class so we aren’t able to drink as much water that day as we wanted. Whatever it might be, it’s very likely to happen. Mistakes are part of human nature. But it’s important not to beat yourself up when those mistakes do happen. It’s important to remember that one mistake it not the full range of your own will or capability. It’s also important to remember that tomorrow is a new day.

New Year’s Resolutions are a big deal and oh so important to so many people. This makes it important to remember some things when choosing and carrying out your resolutions. Be realistic, be personal, believe, and forgive. Keeping these things in the forefront of your mind is bound to set you up for success in 2017. Tribe 21 knows you are capable of awesome things! Good luck this year in accomplishing all your goals.

What are your resolutions in 2017? Comment down below so we can keep up with you and check in! 🙂 


Everyone has a special tradition that their family has had for years that makes the holiday special for them. Every family has different ways of celebrating Christmas and putting their own personal family twist on the classic American celebration. As a little gift from us to you, we thought we’d each share our favorite family holiday tradition to give you a little glimpse into our family celebrations!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Tribe 21 girls!

Every Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve my dad and I play Scrabble. It’s a tradition that started my senior year of high school and has carried on for seven years. The nights always consist of me putting down words that my dad believes aren’t real words, cause he’s not hip enough with the lingo. It’s a tradition of trying to teach my dad how to be hip, but in reality just bonding time.
-Katie (Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief)

While my family celebrates all major holidays, Christmas holds a special place in our hearts, especially mine. Every year we would to my grandma’s house where she would have a beautiful dinner with all the trimmings and an equally beautiful table with her Christmas china she uses only on Christmas. I always wanted to help her, so she gave me the job of setting the table – glasses, silverware, china and napkins. As I got older I would make name cards or put down little Christmas decorations on it and I still do now. While my grandma has gotten too old to host Christmas at her house anymore, we have it at my aunt’s house and every year I tote all of the Christmas plates and silverware over and set it up just like it was when I was a kid. I was 6 when I set the table for the first time and 16 years later I haven’t missed a single one.”
-Samantha (Co-founder and Graphic Designer)

“Every family has a favorite Christmas movie that they watch each year. Some like the classics like White Christmas while others like newer movies like Elf. My family loves the 1998 classic I’ll Be Home for Christmas starring Jonathan Taylor Thomas. We started watching it when I was a little kid on a VHS tape. We used that thing every year like clockwork and many times in-between.  A couple years ago the VHS player ate the tape but my dad was so attached to our tradition that he saved it an extra year always meaning to fix it. Mom knew the tape was toast and bought it on DVD before the next Christmas so we could keep our tradition alive. My husband doesn’t understand why we all love it so much. To him we reply ‘Desert Santa Buzzard Tumbleweed!’ If you don’t understand what we’re talking about, just watch the movie.”
-Heather (Senior Writer and Editor)

“My mom’s side of the family is fairly musically inclined. Every Christmas Eve we all sit around in the living room and sing Christmas carols. My aunt plays the piano and sometimes my cousin plays her violin. My uncle and I usually do a duet and he does an amazing rendition of O Holy Night. It has always been one of my favorite holiday traditions with wonderful memories.”
-Emily (Editor and Social Media)

Every year on our home from my grandparents’ house on Christmas Day, my family takes a short detour about three-fourths of our way home. One of the little towns we drive through sets up a big, drive-through Christmas lights display in the park. No matter how old my sister, brother, and I get, my parents always stop the vehicle outside the park, make sure everyone is awake, then turn up the Christmas music as we begin our roughly three-minute adventure through the park. It’s arguably the most anticipated three-minute span of the holiday season in our family. Sometimes waking up from a food coma nap is worth it.”
-Emilee (Senior Writer)

The wrapping of our family’s Christmas gifts has become more unique each year. Instead of wrapping each gift with one layer of wrapping paper, we have a tendency to wrap with multiple layers. Usually we start with a small gift box adding more layers until the gift is completely unrecognizable. Each gift could be wrapped in upwards of ten boxes. This adds an element of work when it comes to unwrapping the gifts on Christmas morning. There have been years where I have opened layers of paper to find a clue leading me to the actual gift! My favorite year, my brother sent me on a scavenger hunt for the present, which was sitting under the couch I had been sitting on all along! This tradition has certainly added a great deal of humor each Christmas, and has shown how much we want to make each gift special, by putting that much time and energy in to our gift wrapping!”
-Caitlin (Senior Writer)

“My favorite Christmas tradition is what I do with my family on Christmas Eve. We start the day by doing some last minute shopping and getting things we need for our dinner and baking. We go home, cook and eat dinner, then we open some presents that night. Afterwards we go look at Christmas lights in our pajamas (my favorite part of the tradition), come home and bake our favorite cookies, almond kisses, while listening to Christmas music and dancing around the kitchen. We end the night by watching my mom’s favorite Christmas movie, We’re No Angels.”
-Cassie (Social Media Editor and Writer)

Growing up and even still, my grandparents come over first thing in the morning to eat a yummy breakfast and open up presents! I always wake up super early and call them right away. We don’t open anything until they come over! It’s my favorite part of Christmas.”
-Rebekah (Social Media Editor and Writer)

“My favorite holiday tradition is on New Year’s Eve. My family and I typically cook a really nice dinner and all sit down and talk about the year and also do a quick toast to the year to come. It’s something I remember doing since I was pretty young and I think it’s a nice way to end one year and start another!”
-Faith (Social Media Editor and Writer)


With Christmas being 11 days away (EEEEEK!!!) I thought I’d share my 2016 holiday gift guide! This is for those of you who A) haven’t had time to scour the blogs or Internet for gifts for your loved ones or B) are procrastinating and waiting till the last minute to buy.

I’ve rounded up 100+ items that range from less than $20 to under $200, with a lot of them being on sale, for everyone on your list from your mom, dad, brother, sister, cousin, grandma, grandpa, godmother/father, aunt, uncle, boyfriend, best friend, nephew, niece, co-worker, teacher, etc. There is something for everyone in this gift guide! 


The Traveler: 1) Luggage// 2) Cocktail kit// 3) Passport holder// 4) Red eye kit// 5) Luggage tag// 6) Headphones//7) Weekender//   
The Fashionista: 8) Coffee till Cocktails sweater// 9) Puffer vest// 10) Nike shoes// 11) Slippers// 12)  Watch//13) Statement necklace// 14) Tassel earrings// 15) Camel scarf// (Not pictured: love this for the college girl to remember home and one of my favorites!) 


The Beauty Guru: 11) Makeup bag// 12) Tula skincare kit// 13) Light mask// 14) Hair towel// 15) Naked palette// 16)Philosophy set// 17) Makeup brushes 1234// 18) Tarte eyeshadow palette// 19) Brush cleaning mat//


The Fitness Fan: 1) Pinch Provisions fitness kit// 2) Fitbit// 3) Wireless headphones// 4) Yoga pants// 5) Black backpack// 6) Swell bottle// 7) Backpack// 
The Parents: 8) Mom picture frame// 9) Best Mom Ever mug// 10) Philosophy set// 11) Wristlet// 12) Candle set//13) Earrings// 14)  Shaver// 15) Corckcicle// 16) Slippers// 17) Facial set// (Not pictured but I  love this too for mom or dad// 


The Newlyweds: 1) Thank you cards// 2) Wifey tee// 3) Groom minimergency kit// 4) Mr. Mrs. pillow// 5) Mug set// 6)Luggage tags// 7) Mrs. necklace// 8) Bridal planner// 
The Home Lover: 9) Champagne for breakfast towel// 10) Cookbook// 11) Pineapple bookends/ (gold version)// 12) Blanket// 13) Monogram stirrers// 14) Doormat// 15)  Gold pouf// 16) Marble tray// 17) Measuring cups (matching measuring spoons)// 18) Big cups wall art// (Not pictured but the most darling pineapple tumbler
Here are a few extra goodies I found that would be perfect for stocking stuffers or in a gift basket of little things! College survival kit// I can’t adult today mug // Brunch money card case// 


The Gentleman: 1) Socks// 2) Scarf// 3) Sweater// 4) JFK print// 5) Facial set// 6) Pajamas// 7) Bar glasses//8) Cocktail book// (Not pictured but perfect for guys who live in cold climates)

The College Guy: 9) Nikes// 10) Fitbit// 11) Patagonia// 12) Raybans// 13) Flask// 14) Backpack//


The Traveler: 1) Passport cover// 2) Weekender// 3) Luggage tag// 4) Tech case// 5) Toiletry case//The Music Lover: 6) Phone DJ mixer// 7) Bose speaker// 8) Record bookends//The Business Man: 9) Briefcase// 10) Moleskin// 11) Wooden pen// 12) Phone case//The Sports Fan: 13) Customizable sports book (baseball and football)// 14) Baseball blueprint// 15) Cufflinks// (Not pictured but is really cool for the beer lover/traveler

I know everyone has different tastes, styles and personalities but think of this as a starting point, an inspiration to help guide you on your gift giving way. 

Some great places to also look for gifts are Marshall’s/HomeGoods/TJ Maxx, Target, Kirkland’s Home, Nordstrom/Nordstrom Rack, Kohl’s, Francesca’s, Forever21, H&M, ASOS, Ulta, Sephora, Old Navy and J.Crew as they might have more things in store than online.I hope this helps everyone this holiday season! If a link is not working please let me know and I’l fix it ASAP! What are you buying for your loved ones this year? Where do you shop? Share in the comments below!


Now that the holidays have arrived, so have the beautiful decorations and Christmas activities! There are so many ways to get out and enjoy the Spirit of the Season with your friends, many of which are sure to bring about good memories and maybe even create traditions for years to come. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking about what you could do to celebrate the Holiday season with the people closest to you!

1. Ice Skating
Ice Skating is always magical, even if it’s a small rink set up outside under some twinkling Christmas lights. Find a local rink, whether that’s indoor or outdoor, and grab some friends. Make an evening out of it and skate to your heart’s content. Afterwards, grab some hot chocolate at a café or coffee shop. Make sure you bring your camera!

2. Gingerbread Houses
Whether you are one to labor over making gingerbread itself or opt for some graham crackers and frosting, host a Gingerbread House making party! You provide the frosting and graham crackers and tell each guest to bring their favorite candy to decorate with. Have awards for the end of the evening for “Most Creative House”, “Most Instagram Worthy House” to hand out to each guest.

3. White Elephant gift exchange
Instead of spending money on your tribe, opt to wrap up any item to re-gift. Play music while you sit in a circle and pass around the gifts from one person to another until the music stops. When it stops each person opens the gift in their lap. Each person can choose to trade or keep their gift. White elephant parties are the perfect place for gag gifts as well!

4. Go Caroling
Who says caroling has to only be for professionals? Bundle up in some cute winter gear and go caroling around your campus or local mall/businesses. You could hand out candy canes as you go as well!  Round up some friends so you have a whole chorus of people. You could print off lyrics to your selection of songs so each person has a copy. Another way to carol would be to go to a retirement home and sing for some senior citizens! This could be a great way to make a difference and hang out with your Tribe.

5. See the Christmas lights
If you really want to see the Christmas lights, you could always decide to drive around and look at the lights from the warmth of your car! Bring some popcorn and hot chocolate in a thermos and drive around some of the neighborhoods nearby.

6. PJ Party and Movie Night!
Invite all your gals over for a movie night with strict dress code: PJ’s only! Choose a lineup of holiday movies and spend the evening in holiday goodness. Pop some popcorn, chow down on holiday Chex Mix and candy canes or other holiday treats and watch your favorite Christmas movies.

7. Christmas Cards
Dress up in all your favorite Christmas-y gear and plan a photo shoot. Find a cute place to take pictures on campus or somewhere near home. Brick walls, cutely decorated door frames, and lighted Christmas trees all make wonderful backgrounds for photos. You could find someone to take your pictures, or put your phone/camera on a tripod or rest it somewhere on self-timer. Throw snow in the air and smile! Afterwards, you and your tribe can then create a photo collage online and have it printed out. Many businesses offer a timely turn around on getting your pictures printed out! Collect addresses of family and friends and send them out. Include a short Christmas Letter update about what each of you and your friends are up to and your hopes for the holiday season.

8. Reach Out!
Many organizations offer different ways to help out in the community this time of year. You and your friends could shovel an elderly person’s driveway, help collect winter gear, or help out with a food drive. Making a world of difference in your community would be a great way to bond with your gang.

The holidays are a pretty special time of year. Make sure you get out and make some memories with your Tribe!


Happy Wednesday everyone! Halloween is just a few days away which is so exciting! Whether your plans include hosting your own party, trick or treating (no one is too old for that), going to a haunted house or pumpkin patch or even a college party I’m sharing a few easy, simple, last minute Halloween costumes!

I’m also linking up items that you can buy to recreate it each costume. Most are from Forever 21 so they’re pretty inexpensive and easily accessible. Other places to look for items are Target, Charlotte Russe, Marshall’s/TJ Maxx and Old Navy. Most of this stuff you have already and only will need to get one or two additional items.


First up and very fitting for today is Wednesday Addams! Go as the goth anti- princess with a black dress, white collar, tights and heels. Wear your hair in two braids and get a foundation lighter than your skin color for a Wednesday all grown up look!


Dress Tights |  Heels

Next up is the bank robbers!  Don’t break the bank creating this costume! Grab a striped shirt, black pants, shoes, gloves, beanie and a black mask for the sneakiest and easiest costume ever! Don’t forget to grab your partner in crime too!


Hat | Shirt | Pants | Gloves | Shoes | Bag | Mask 

Grab a bestie and twin it out with the dancing emoji girls! All you need is a black leotard and black bows/headband and black flats. You’ll be dancing your way out of the house and on to the party!


Bow | Leotard | Flats

Next is a costume that touches on fun and classic! Marry Poppins! You don’t need a magic carpet bag to make this costume. All you really need is a black skirt, white button down, black brimed hat, tights and heels and with a little fabric you got yourself the perfect Poppin’s costume! You can easily make this a couple’s costume by adding your chimney sweep!


Hat | Top | Skirt | Tights | Heels | Umbrella | Purse

There you have it, 4 super easy and inexpensive, last minute Halloween costumes! You can also head to Pinterest here and check out more DIY costumes! 

What are you going as? Leave a comment or tag us in your photos! 

Have a safe and fun Halloween everyone!