Thoughtful Gifts for Your Sorority Little

So now that we’re reaching the point in the semester where spring recruitments have pretty much come to an end at most schools, it’s time to start thinking about another super fun part of sorority life- getting a little. Just briefly, for anyone who does not know, “little” is short for little sister. If you’re in a sorority you get a little sister and act as a friend and mentor. Most sororities have the tradition of the bigs getting their littles gifts. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide what exactly to get your little because there are so many options and you want to give her the best of the best. I personally believe some thoughtful and personal gifts are the best. So I wanted to share a few gift ideas that might just be the perfect thing to get your little!

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By: Lillian Lingenfelter

Your first semester of college is finally over; we are fresh off winter break, and getting into the heart of the spring semester!  This time of year, many schools may be doing spring sorority recruitment, either formally or informally.  

Spring recruitment is great because you already know your way around campus, have formed a friend group, have probably developed good study habits, and have gotten more comfortable with being in college.  

Recruitment can be a nerve-wracking time for many women, regardless of if your university recruits in the fall or the spring.  Here are some tips to help you navigate spring formal or informal recruitment!

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Something most readers may not know about be is that I’m in a sorority! Just recently,  I founded the chapter of Sigma Alpha Omega Christian Sorority at my university. My sorority has become such a big part of my life, so I really wanted to share why I joined/ founded one in the first place. I wanted to share little bit of a reasoning behind why I joined a sorority in general, but because my sorority has become such a big part of my life and the fact that I founded a chapter, there was obviously something really special things about Sigma Alpha Omega specifically that made me want to join.  I might mention a few of those reasons throughout as well. Sorority life is something you don’t quite understand until you’re there and are able to see for yourself, but I hope you enjoy this look into my own personal sorority life!

I joined a sorority because…

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