An Open Letter To The Incoming College Freshman

Dear Incoming College Freshman, you’re about to embark on a four-year long journey. And when I use the word “journey” that is exactly what I mean. College can best be described as the craziest, funniest, scariest, and best journey. During these next four years you’re going to learn, grow, have fun, cry, laugh, and oh so much more. I’ll be honest and tell you that it’s a complete 180 from what you ever experienced in high school. On a social level, on an academic level, on a psychological level- college trumps high school. I promise this will turn out to be a good thing, even if it sounds terribly scary right now. But it is a big change and it does come with a learning curve. That’s why I want to share with you some words of wisdom, straight from a college junior.

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Being Shy and Connected

Being shy isn’t something to be ashamed of depending on the situation or circumstances, anyone could be shy.

Like put me in a room with a bunch of women sharing faith. I may not be loud, but believe me, when I say I still chime in and pay attention.

And the older you get, the harder it seems to stay connected with old friends or even make new ones.

Why? Because our seasons of life don’t always match up with our friends seasons and then it’s the cycle of putting yourself out there to meet new people.

And if you’re shy, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

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To the Ones Who Don’t Know

This one goes out to those of you with no idea. No idea what you’re doing at your chosen university. No idea what you’re going to major in. No idea what or who you want to be when you graduate and are forced to enter the real world. This one is for you, because I know; I’ve been there.

When I started college, I just had no clue what the next four to five years would hold. I joined the marching band (fantastic decision), I was part of the Honors Program (horrible decision), but I didn’t have a major. And I wouldn’t have one for three full semesters.

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What I Learned From a Semester of Spreading Myself Too Thin

Now that the semester is pretty much over for all of us college kids, I really wanted to share some things I learned this semester. Honestly, this semester was hard on me. I had a lot going on. We had just founded our sorority chapter, I was taking the first of my upper division classes for my major and finishing up my minor, and was working roughly 16 hours a week; just to name a few of the things going on in my life. There were so many blessings in the first part of 2017, don’t get me wrong, but when spring break had come and gone I knew I had spread myself too thin this semester. So here’s what I learned as I was spread too thin…

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Alternative College Options

It’s May, and for all you high school seniors, graduation is only weeks away. This is both an exciting and nerve wracking time.

Everyone has been asking you where you plan to go to school and what you’re majoring in. I can’t tell you how many times I got asked that my senior year, and once spring rolls around how much it intensifies by 1088248308%.

Maybe you are still unsure and undecided. And that is totally okay! There is nothing wrong with that! (Check out my article about following your passion here). Maybe you are thinking that traditional, brick and mortar college isn’t for you, you want to ease into it, you want to work or travel or don’t have the funds to go right off the bat to a 4 year university. That is totally okay!

Today I am sharing two alternative college options if you are thinking any of the just mentioned things!

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An Open Letter to the Soon-to-be College Graduate

Spring break is over and you’re already counting down the days until graduation. You’ve already either sent in grad school applications or you’re sitting down filling out millions of job applications. All of your projects and seminars are starting to pile up and you’re just ready for it to all be over with. With all of this going on it’s hard to take a step back, breathe, and take care of yourself. Throughout these next two months you’re going to be more stressed than you’ve probably ever been in your years at college and you’re going need all the help you can get.

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Finals Study Tips

Whether you have a few days, a few weeks, or a few months of school left, the end of the school year marks celebration, conclusion of classes, and finals. Often with everything going on and the amount of time you need to study for finals, things can be a bit stressful. With a few simple steps, you can avoid the stress and find a way to study painlessly.

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The Importance of Professional Development Workshops

If you’re in college or are a recent graduate, I bet that you’ve likely heard of professional development or P.D. at least once or twice. In just about any career, it’s important to attend professional development workshops because they have so much to offer you and can be so benefit in your professional life for years to come.

As an education major, where funding for P.D. can be very minimal or nonexistent, I jump at the chance to attend a workshop that I think will help me. I recently attended a professional development workshop that I really loved. Not only did I gain a lot of information about the designated topic, which this one was about Blended Learning, but it really opened my eyes to how important professional development really is.

Today I want to share a few reasons why professional development workshops should be important to you.

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Perks of Long Distance Best Friends

By: Samantha Goble

Would you believe me if I told you half of my friends group I’ve never even met? It’s true almost half of my best girlfriends I have never met or spoken a word to face to face. I met these amazing girls all online. One of my best friends Katie who you see me tweeting to allllll the time and who I founded Tribe 21 with I met through Twitter and it will be 4 years (I think…?) this April that we have been friends. Four years of completely being friends online. The others I met through Tribe 21 and we are super close and I am so thankful for each and every one of them. And since I moved across the country from Kansas to California all my friends from school are still there. So actually all of my best friends are long distance ones…. Some might say having long distances best friends is hard and the worst but I think it’s the best and here’s why. 

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