An Open Letter To The Incoming College Freshman

Dear Incoming College Freshman, you’re about to embark on a four-year long journey. And when I use the word “journey” that is exactly what I mean. College can best be described as the craziest, funniest, scariest, and best journey. During these next four years you’re going to learn, grow, have fun, cry, laugh, and oh so much more. I’ll be honest and tell you that it’s a complete 180 from what you ever experienced in high school. On a social level, on an academic level, on a psychological level- college trumps high school. I promise this will turn out to be a good thing, even if it sounds terribly scary right now. But it is a big change and it does come with a learning curve. That’s why I want to share with you some words of wisdom, straight from a college junior.

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Being Shy and Connected

Being shy isn’t something to be ashamed of depending on the situation or circumstances, anyone could be shy.

Like put me in a room with a bunch of women sharing faith. I may not be loud, but believe me, when I say I still chime in and pay attention.

And the older you get, the harder it seems to stay connected with old friends or even make new ones.

Why? Because our seasons of life don’t always match up with our friends seasons and then it’s the cycle of putting yourself out there to meet new people.

And if you’re shy, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

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To the Ones Who Don’t Know

This one goes out to those of you with no idea. No idea what you’re doing at your chosen university. No idea what you’re going to major in. No idea what or who you want to be when you graduate and are forced to enter the real world. This one is for you, because I know; I’ve been there.

When I started college, I just had no clue what the next four to five years would hold. I joined the marching band (fantastic decision), I was part of the Honors Program (horrible decision), but I didn’t have a major. And I wouldn’t have one for three full semesters.

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OCD: More than the Common Misconception

So often we hear the chanty words “oh that’s just my OCD.” Is it really? And the answer to that is no.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) isn’t little ticks or habits. It’s not being a neat freak or perfectionist.

It’s a mental disorder that causes you to obsess over specific things or occurrences and the repetition of rituals.

When an individual that actually hears people throwing around the idea doing something because of their OCD in light, it takes away from the seriousness of those that suffer and struggle with OCD on a daily basis.

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The Ultimate Throwback Playlist

We all love listening to music and we all love to reminisce. Am I right? So sometimes there’s nothing better than a great playlist full of your favorite throwback songs to jam out to. I decided to put that playlist together for all of our readers! This playlist is full of over 75 songs. It’s is full of a variety of artists and music genres. I think it’s safe to say that most people will find a number of songs they can find some nostalgia in. The playlist is titled “Ultimate Throwback” on Spotify and is linked in this post for anyone to go follow or listen to!

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The Imposter Syndrome

Recently I got an assignment back from university. I’d done well, really well. So well in fact that I thought that they’d probably messed up and given the wrong paper back to me. When I realised that actually this was my paper, I didn’t feel confident and happy like I should have done. I just thought it was a fluke.

For as long as I can remember this has been my go-to feeling when I succeed. And I know I’m not the only one that feels this way.

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The Importance of Self-Health

Recently, I’ve become really passionate about self-health and have been really motivated to be more healthy every single day. This is because, if we’re being truly honest with ourselves, as college students (or young adults), we can do some things to our bodies that are anything but healthy.

Sometimes we don’t eat enough, sometimes we eat too much. Sometimes we don’t get enough sleep, sometimes we sleep all weekend. Sometimes we drink only coffee for three days straight. None of these habits are healthy, and that we can all probably agree with.

But today I want to tell you why kicking these habits and being healthy is important and why you need to make self-healthy priority.

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Beach Essentials

We now have warm weather again and summer is here, so there is no doubt that many people will be spending time at the beach. If you ask me, the beach is the best thing about summer (I’m not one who loves humidity or high temps). I wanted to share with y’all the essentials that I’ll have with me at the beach this summer (and lake and pool because these things work there too!). We all know we need a bathing suit, a towel and sunscreen when we’re having our fun in the sun, but there might be some things you’re forgetting that I don’t want you to miss! I hope this helps y’all out as you pack up and head to the beach this summer.

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