The Importance of Self-Health

Recently, I’ve become really passionate about self-health and have been really motivated to be more healthy every single day. This is because, if we’re being truly honest with ourselves, as college students (or young adults), we can do some things to our bodies that are anything but healthy.

Sometimes we don’t eat enough, sometimes we eat too much. Sometimes we don’t get enough sleep, sometimes we sleep all weekend. Sometimes we drink only coffee for three days straight. None of these habits are healthy, and that we can all probably agree with.

But today I want to tell you why kicking these habits and being healthy is important and why you need to make self-healthy priority.

We Cannot do our Best Work if we’re Unhealthy

It’s obvious that we always strive to do our best work, whether it is in school or at our job. But our best work just is not possible if we are not taking care of ourselves and being healthy.

We need sleep, good food, water, and even a little relaxation to do our best work.

If we allow ourselves to be unhealthy, our grades will suffer, the product we put out at work will suffer, and relationships may even suffer.

We Cannot take Care of Others if we’re Unhealthy

It’s so important that we are there for others and that we are able to give a part of ourselves to others, whether it be family member or through volunteer work.

But, it’s so important to remember that you cannot pour from an empty cup. In other words, you cannot pour into others, if you have not filled yourself up first.

Make sure you’re getting enough sleep. Make sure you’re eating good food and skipping fast food. Make sure you get a glass of water in the morning with your cup of coffee. Only then will you be able to step in and be there for others.

We Cannot be the Best Version of Ourselves if we’re Unhealthy

We all strive to be the person we were specifically made to be and to fulfill the purpose we were specifically made for, but we will never be able to do that well if we allow ourselves to be unhealthy.

Being healthy is the first step to being the best version of yourself that you could possibly be. When you feel your best, you’re able to give the best version of you  out to the world.

Being Unhealthy will Shorten your Life

This one may seem a little self-explanatory and a little bit obvious, but it’s not something I could end this post without mentioning.

Unhealthy habits lead to shorter lives. Shorter lives hinder us from making the impact we’re meant for and fulfilling the purpose we were made for.

I hope I’ve inspired us all, yes, myself included, to be healthier. Put good food into your body. Drink lots of water. Get the right amount of sleep. Relax when you need to. Be active whenever you get the chance. The stakes are just too high not to.


Faith is one of the social media editors and content writer for Tribe Twenty One. She’s a sophomore  University of North Carolina at Charolette,majoring in Special Education and minoring in Sociology. She is a sister of Sigma Alpha Omega, and has a true passion for helping other girls in college and connecting on social media.

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