10 Things To Do During the Summer

Summer break is the time to relax and unwind from dealing with professors, papers, and even people. If you google “things to do on summer break,” you’ll get a WIDE variety of things. These are just some of the ones I think everyone should do if they get the chance.

1. Go to the Movies

There are always a ton of great movies that come out during the summer time. There’s action packed ones like Spider-Man, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Wonder Woman. But there’s also hilarious comedies like Baywatch, Rough Night and Brigsby Bear.

Ask your girlfriends or boyfriends to go with you, or just go by yourself. Take a night off, grab some popcorn, and enjoy yourself for a few hours.

2. Go Swimming

One of my favorite things to do on summer vacation is to relax in the water. If it’s a pool, pond, or even ocean, I’m in it. There’s nothing better to me than floating in or on the water just letting all of my worries drift away.

If you’ve never gone night swimming, I definitely suggest it. Even swimming in the rain is fun. You’re already wet, so who cares if there’s a little bit of rain. If you do see lightning though, GET OUT IMMEADIATELY. We don’t want anyone putting their lives at risk for a little swim.

3. Go to a Theme Park or Fair

If you have any kind of theme park or fair close to you, GO. Ride some rides, eat some food that’s terrible for you, and enjoy yourself.

Grab a group of friends and make a few days out of it even, especially if there are deals out there. Most theme parks will give you a free ticket if you stay multiple days or book a hotel close to them.

If you’re super close to a theme park, think about purchasing a season pass. That way if you know you’re going to go more than a few times, it’ll save you money in the long run. Look up meal deals to save money also. Most theme parks have souvenir cups to buy and refills are either free or a dollar. This can also save you money if you know you’re going to buy a lot of drinks.

4. Go on a Picnic

Pack up a bag full of sandwiches, snacks, and drinks, grab some friends, and just hang out together. There’s really nothing like having an old fashioned picnic together on a red and white gingham tablecloth. Maybe even bake a pie just for the occasion. Just watch out for all of those pesky ants!

5. Go to a Baseball Game

Even if you hate baseball, you can enjoy a game or two, especially if there are hot dogs involved. There are tons of MLB and minor league teams out there. If there’s not 1 within a 2 hour radius of you, then go support your local little leaguers. You might have to fight off a parent or two, but you may just be seeing the next Babe Ruth out there in the park!

6. Read a Book

If you’re taking a summer class, you’ve already got this one covered with your textbook, but for those just sitting on their couches, find a book and read it.

We all know the teachers that would give out those summer reading lists that you had to finish before school started in August. If you google “summer reading list” you’ll find plenty of recommendations.

But for personalized recommendations based on your preferences, go to your local bookstore or library and ask for assistance. Usually the workers here LOVE books and can help you pick out the right one for you.

7. Make a Little Money

I know a lot of people need a little extra money, so find a summer job. You don’t always have to work for a huge corporation; you can find local places that love to hire high school and college students for summer breaks.

Take some babysitting classes and get certified to baby sit little ones. Parents that have children spend so much money on child care. Lower your cost a little bit and you’ll have parents begging you to babysit.

8. Master a New Skill

Summer break gives you the perfect time to take on a new hobby or master a new skill.

Want to learn to knit? Take a community class or watch some YouTube videos. Take a pottery class at your community center. Learn a new recipe and show it off to your friends. Learn a new language or brush up on 1 you took in high school.

Keeping your mind engaged and learning new things will help when it’s time to hit those books again in August.

9. Go Outside

Spend some time with nature while on break. Lay outside and tan a little bit (with a lot of sunscreen). Work on a garden to grow some fresh produce. Go on a walk around your town or city. Go to a park and take a hike.

Getting outside and getting that much needed vitamin D and fresh air will make you feel so much happier and energized.  The lack of vitamin D during school is one of those things that helps to make us feel like we’re in a rut. Get out there and get your daily dose of vitamin D, your body and mind will thank you

10. Take a nap

While you do need to get some of that vitamin D, it’s still alright to be inside and catch up on those vitamin Zs. Those late nights spent writing papers and studying for finals take a lot out of you. While you have the time, take a short cat nap (or an accidental 3 hour nap until it gets dark). Be sure to start the next school year off right with a solid sleeping schedule and plenty of rest.

Obviously these aren’t the only things you can do over summer break, but they’re some of the best ones to do. Being able to relax and hang out with friends is one of the best parts about a summer vacation. Enjoy yours!

Cheyenne is one of the Content Writers for Tribe Twenty One. She is a recent graduate from Murray State University with a degree in Learning and Behavior Disorder with Elementary Emphasis. When she’s not working her tail off or chasing after her pupper’s, she’s scrolling through social media, putting items into her online cart then clearing the page.

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