Top 5 Vegan Summer Desserts

I love animals, but I also love meat. I’m not vegan, but I’m lactose intolerant. Finding vegan recipes for dessert or sweets is much easier than searching for lactose intolerant or lactose free.

Even if you don’t have an intolerance like me, you might love to try some vegan desserts because they don’t have too many “extras”.

1. Avocado Chocolate Mousse

I know, it’s not ice cream, but it’s a great dessert and it’s light.

It’s easy to think chocolate is a dairy product, even though it isn’t. The only thing that is, is milk chocolate.

Also, yes, there are avocados in this dessert. Does that make it no longer a delicious dessert? No!

Not only is this dessert super yummy, but it’s also just as easy. I mean, blenders and microwave easy.

And you can specialize these sweet desserts with toppings of your choice. I like blueberries, but any of your favorite berries would be great!

Check out the recipe!

2. Chocolate Silk Pie

Yum! A summer pie that doesn’t require baking and it cools you off.

This is a great dessert for after a BBQ or cookout because it’s light and cold. I don’t know about you, but after being outside in the heat of summer and around heat from cooking, the best desserts are always ones like these.

This is only a five-ingredient recipe, which makes for an easy dessert and not too much planning. Just my style of a chocolaty treat.

Make this sweet dessert one evening, chill it overnight, and enjoy the next day! And you don’t ever have to turn the oven on. It’s an easy no bake sweet.

You can check out my fave recipe here!

3. Almond Joy Bars

I know, another chocolate recipe, but you have to admit, chocolate is the best for desserts and sweets.

This is another simple, five-ingredient recipe. And nothing fancy either.

Not only are these vegan, but they are also paleo friendly and gluten free. So what’s not to love about these amazing chocolaty coconut candies?

This is certainly a sweet treat you can feel good about being plant based. That means its healthy right?

It’s a three-step process (long steps) but you make the coconut bars, the chocolate dip, and add the almonds and chocolate drizzle.

This is the recipe I love to use.

4. Berry Bars

Ha! This one is the first one with no chocolate. But it’s still amazing and delish.

Who can resist the incredible berry medley in between a crust and an amazing crumb topping!

It’s perfect for the summer because it’s a fresh dessert with yummy fresh berries.

I like using blueberries and raspberry jam as the recipe calls for most times. I also like to switch it up with black berries and strawberry jam too.

Create your own berry medley. Or just follow the recipe. All will be great.

5. Beignets

Being a resident all my life of Louisiana, I couldn’t leave out a wonderful vegan beignet. It’s good for all seasons, not just summer.

It’s like a Louisiana version of a sopapilla. And it can be eaten for breakfast or snack or dessert. It’s a very versatile delicious little pastry.

It’s more time consuming the other summer recipes, but you’ll love it. Just give it a try, you’ll be happy you did.

And to make this spectacular treat even better, my favorite recipe includes a dark chocolate espresso dipping sauce. You didn’t think I’d have 2 non-chocolate dessert options did you? But really, the chocolate dipping sauce is optional. It’s amazing with just powdered sugar.

Check out the recipe.

Enjoy your Sweet Treats!

Celebrate summer even if you aren’t going anywhere. Give yourself a taste of these wonderful treats!

Camille is one of the content writers and Mental Health & Lifestyle Editor for Tribe Twenty One. She is a freelance writer and has her Bachelor’s in Marketing and Master’s in Organizational Communications from Southeastern Louisiana University. When Camille isn’t writing or editing, you can find her reading, riding her bike, and playing video games

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