The Importance of Self-Health

Recently, I’ve become really passionate about self-health and have been really motivated to be more healthy every single day. This is because, if we’re being truly honest with ourselves, as college students (or young adults), we can do some things to our bodies that are anything but healthy.

Sometimes we don’t eat enough, sometimes we eat too much. Sometimes we don’t get enough sleep, sometimes we sleep all weekend. Sometimes we drink only coffee for three days straight. None of these habits are healthy, and that we can all probably agree with.

But today I want to tell you why kicking these habits and being healthy is important and why you need to make self-healthy priority.

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10 Things To Do During the Summer

Summer break is the time to relax and unwind from dealing with professors, papers, and even people. If you google “things to do on summer break,” you’ll get a WIDE variety of things. These are just some of the ones I think everyone should do if they get the chance.

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Beach Essentials

We now have warm weather again and summer is here, so there is no doubt that many people will be spending time at the beach. If you ask me, the beach is the best thing about summer (I’m not one who loves humidity or high temps). I wanted to share with y’all the essentials that I’ll have with me at the beach this summer (and lake and pool because these things work there too!). We all know we need a bathing suit, a towel and sunscreen when we’re having our fun in the sun, but there might be some things you’re forgetting that I don’t want you to miss! I hope this helps y’all out as you pack up and head to the beach this summer.

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Good Summer Reads

One of the best things about summer is the fact that I have a lot of extra time to read. I really enjoy chilling out with a good book, but during the school year it just doesn’t happen for me. Reading during the school year is undoubtedly reserved for textbooks. So with all that extra time to read you need book recommendations right? I thought I’d share some books I find just perfect for summer!

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The Job Search

Are you just graduating? Looking for a job or new job can be stressful. Especially one in your chosen career field.

It’s stressful because you just finished school and know you have some student loans coming soon, and other bills too. So, what tools can you use to help find a job?

There are 3 tools that quickly come to mind when I think of job searching: career services, job boards and ads, and networking.

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