Bringing Mindfulness into Your Day

I used to think that mindfulness was all about breathing and having positive thoughts only. I didn’t understand how anyone who went to university or had a job, or did anything other than sit at home all day, could possibly bring mindfulness into a busy life.

But the more I researched into it, the more I found that it was exactly what I needed to maintain balance in my life, and that it’s actually completely attainable.

Here are three ways you can bring mindfulness into your life, even with a busy schedule.

Set reminders

Setting reminders on your phone at different parts of the day is super useful. I like to set one during the morning when I know I’ll be getting ready, one during the busy part of my day after lunch, and then one in the evening.

It’s good to see the reminder and be brought back to the present. That way, if you’re worrying or getting stressed about what you’re doing, it gives you a moment to remember to focus and find solutions.

Let your mind wander

These days we’re all so caught up in life; being on our phones, constantly tweeting people, etc. We forget how good it can be to let our minds wander.

Allowing your mind to wander allows you to be able to acknowledge your thoughts and separate them, rather than pushing them away.

If your mind keeps wandering to the same thing, then it’s likely that it’s something you need to address. It’s good to set a time to practice this kind of mindfulness, as it’s not going to be useful in a busy environment. Try this while you sit with a hot drink or when you’re in the bath so you know you won’t be disturbed.


Yoga is one of my favourite ways to bring mindfulness into my daily life. It’s great for your health and flexibility, but just as good for your mind.

Find a YouTube video and start practicing, because yoga gives you time to focus on your breathing and on just how strong your body can be. It’s also great exercise. Try to fit half an hour of yoga into your daily routine, you’ll be winning on two accounts!

Rachel is one of the content writers and Mental Health & Lifestyle Editor for Tribe Twenty One. She is a mental health nursing student and German & Dutch graduate from England. When she’s not watching Netflix, studying or blogging, she’s at the gym preparing for a zombie apocalypse. Rachel lives for inspirational quotes.

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