Ways to Cut Costs During Wedding Planning

Whether you’re recently engaged or are just dreaming about the possibilities, weddings are hella expensive. Take it from me when I say we were struggling to make ends meet, but still had the wedding of our dreams. There are always ways to cut some costs down and here’s just a few in my opinion that were the easiest to decide on.


Although flowers are a huge aspect of your venue and setting the scene for the night, you don’t have to go all out with them. You don’t need those real flowers that are going to cost $10 a petal. The issue with real flowers is they won’t last unless you have them preserved. They can get damaged in travel. They might even cause some of your guests to have an allergic reaction. So, do what I did and find the flowers you love at a craft store, make the bouquets and table center pieces yourself and save a ton of money. They’ll still look beautiful in the end.

An Aisle Runner

Pinterest may be swimming with the cutest aisle runner ideas, but trust me, it’s something you can skip. I’ve seen aisle runners priced anywhere from $25 to $150. Personally, we didn’t use an aisle runner. They can be a hassle to deal with and what are you going to do with it when the day is over? If it’s personalized you can’t really sell it. You could cut off the personalized part and use it as a wreath on your door or even a welcome mat. Even if you don’t use an aisle runner, I doubt your guests would say anything about it.

A Wedding Arch

Once again, this is something we skipped on in order to cut costs. Many wedding arches we found were SUPER expensive. On Etsy we found arches ranging from $100 to $750! That alone can pay for most of the food! We ended up using cardboard columns. They looked fairly real, but were a hassle due to the wind. So don’t go way TOO cheap, but don’t get a $750 arch either (unless that’s just what you want).

Photo Booth

Photo booths are a HUGE trend. Whether it’s at a birthday party, wedding or even the movie theater. It seems like everywhere you look there’s a photo booth. While the can be super cute to have, renting one can be super expensive. The average cost for one in 2016 was around $415. This would include the hours used, having an attendant, the cost of prints, and set up and tear down. You can create your own photo booth that guests can use for so much cheaper. We purchased the gold sequin fabric on eBay for about $20 and the black fabric was already at the venue. We used helium balloons on the sides, the banner was around $5 or $6 and we used a chalk pen to write the letters. Finally, we had props that were maybe $10. So for about $40 or $50, we had an adorable photo booth that guests could enjoy. We even asked our photographers to get a few pictures of people with the photo booth.

Fancy Dinnerware

Although pulling out all of the fancy china may sound like a great idea, it may not be very practical. Cost alone may deter you from renting out very fancy plating, but unless you’re going to be having a seated meal, I would recommend using some nice paper and plastic ware. Our food was buffet style where guests were able to go and get their own food, however much they wanted. Having paper plates was ideal in case someone dropped their plate; we wouldn’t have glass everywhere, along with the food. And honestly, your guests are going to be talking more about how good the food is than being mad about eating on paper plates.
There are so many different ways to cut costs, whether it’s favors or your dress, but ultimately, it’s your wedding, plan it how you want it.

Cheyenne is one of the Content Writers for Tribe Twenty One. She is a recent graduate from Murray State University with a degree in Learning and Behavior Disorder with Elementary Emphasis. When she’s not working her tail off or chasing after her pupper’s, she’s scrolling through social media, putting items into her online cart then clearing the page.

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