What It Is Like to be the First of Your Friends to Get Married.

All girls dream of their perfect wedding. Ever since I was really young I’ve dreamt of my wedding, but I’ve also always thought that I would be one of the last of my friends to get married. As it turns out, I was actually the first of my friends to get married, something I never imagined would happen. So what is it really like to be the first in your group of friends to get married?

Everything becomes WE and no longer I

Invitations to events, parties, and anything there can be an invitation to will either have both names on it, or only one name will be on it while it is implied that both people are invited. If my husband goes somewhere, most of the time I’ll follow, especially if our mutual friends are involved. Now obviously we’re not completely attached at the hip. We have to have our alone time, but it’s always nice to have a forever date to events.

Your chore load doubles.

No matter who in the relationship chooses to do the chores (usually it’s me) instead of having one person’s round of dirty dishes or laundry you now have another person’s to take care of. Splitting chores can also be a hassle, which is why compromise turns into your best friend.

Trying new recipes can either be easier or more terrifying.

From experience, trying new recipes is also scary because I am a terribly picky eater. Somehow I met someone that is even pickier than I am. New recipes are hit or miss with us. Sometimes we absolutely love it (like mashed cauliflower) or it’s a disaster and I can’t even finish the recipe (like gnocchi). No matter what, though, my husband always supports the fact that I tried to do something new and he’ll usually pay for fast food.

You always have someone there now to keep you on track.

Whether you need accountability for working out, eating healthy, or not spending as much money, you always have someone there to check in with. While your girlfriends can assist with these things as well, being stuck in the same house as someone makes the accountability bug a lot more prominent.

Sometimes your friends begin to drift away

During the whole wedding planning process, your friends are constantly there for you trying to support your crazy bridezilla ideas. Once married, though, they understand that you now have someone to constantly work on a relationship with. Top that off with a full-time job or classes, and you just don’t have enough time to really dedicate to them anymore. Personally, I’m never the person to invite people; I’m always the one waiting to be invited. Being married has actually helped me overcome this a bit because in order to ever hang out with my friends I actually have to be the one to invite them when I have time.

Even through all of this, it still feels weird being the first one married out of all of my friends. The great thing about being the first, though, I can give so much more advice to my friends when they start getting engaged. I can help pick out flowers, food, music, and so much more because I’ve been there and I’ve had to deal with all of it (and the prices). So if you need any advice or have any advice of your own, leave it down below for others to see!


Cheyenne is one of the Content Writers for Tribe Twenty One. She is a recent graduate from Murray State University with a degree in Learning and Behavior Disorder with Elementary Emphasis. When she’s not working her tail off or chasing after her pupper’s, she’s scrolling through social media, putting items into her online cart then clearing the page.

One thought on “What It Is Like to be the First of Your Friends to Get Married.

  1. I’m not even married yet but being the only person in my group with the longest thriving relationship alone is quite stressful. I love them anyways and at least I get to be the mom figure there.


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