5 Mental Wellbeing Podcasts

I’m a big fan of podcasts. I’ve always preferred true crime podcasts over any other topic, but recently I’ve really been getting into podcasts about mental wellbeing. I love anything that makes me feel like I’m improving myself, so why not extend that to podcasts?

I’ve listed a couple of my current favourites below.

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Budget Summary Printable

Last week we shared a budget tracker printable for you guys to help you track your expenses and achieve your finance goals. Today we are sharing another budget printable to help you along your budgeting journey! This printable is a budget summary, a more condensed version of the budget tracker, highlighting the important points of the tracker. 

This would be great to hang up near your desk or on your fridge so at a glance you can see where you are for the week or month. The more detailed tracker could be for your files/paperwork to reference back to at the end of the week/month to see if you’ve stayed on budget. 

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Why You Should Watch Big Brother This Summer

If you know me at all, you’ll likely know that one of my biggest obsessions and guilty pleasures in the tv show Big Brother. I’ve spent summer after summer watching seasons of the game unfold and even went back and watched the seasons I was too young to catch back when they originally aired. I definitely know other people who are into the show too and talking with them about it is tons of fun, but I’m ready to get even more people watching the show with me! So here’s 5 reasons why you need to watch this summer

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How to Say No, When You’ve Said Yes

Have you ever said yes to something that you know you should have said no to? You have so much going on in your life, but someone asks you to do something and you say yes because you don’t want to let them down, you don’t want them to think you can’t manage a few (read a lot) of things at once or maybe you think that you can handle it when in reality you can’t? I have done this before time and time again. I have overcommitted myself to the brink of a mental breakdown. You’d think I would have learned my lesson but nope. I have a full plate and still invite new things to be added then get so stressed out and panicked because I have so much to do. Maybe one of these days I’ll learn.

If you are like me and you say yes to things that you know you should say no to I’m going to share how to say no when you’ve said yes.

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Bringing Mindfulness into Your Day

I used to think that mindfulness was all about breathing and having positive thoughts only. I didn’t understand how anyone who went to university or had a job, or did anything other than sit at home all day, could possibly bring mindfulness into a busy life.

But the more I researched into it, the more I found that it was exactly what I needed to maintain balance in my life, and that it’s actually completely attainable.

Here are three ways you can bring mindfulness into your life, even with a busy schedule.

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Budget Tracker Printable

Saving money…. two words that are easier said than done. It seems so easy in theory/in our minds to save money on things, whether it’s only going to get coffee two days a week instead of three or four, or not buying that super cute top but saving that money to put towards student loans. But thinking about budgeting and actually sitting down to figure out the numbers and implement your budget are two totally different things. 

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What I Learned From a Semester of Spreading Myself Too Thin

Now that the semester is pretty much over for all of us college kids, I really wanted to share some things I learned this semester. Honestly, this semester was hard on me. I had a lot going on. We had just founded our sorority chapter, I was taking the first of my upper division classes for my major and finishing up my minor, and was working roughly 16 hours a week; just to name a few of the things going on in my life. There were so many blessings in the first part of 2017, don’t get me wrong, but when spring break had come and gone I knew I had spread myself too thin this semester. So here’s what I learned as I was spread too thin…

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What It Is Like to be the First of Your Friends to Get Married.

All girls dream of their perfect wedding. Ever since I was really young I’ve dreamt of my wedding, but I’ve also always thought that I would be one of the last of my friends to get married. As it turns out, I was actually the first of my friends to get married, something I never imagined would happen. So what is it really like to be the first in your group of friends to get married?

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