Finals Study Tips

Whether you have a few days, a few weeks, or a few months of school left, the end of the school year marks celebration, conclusion of classes, and finals. Often with everything going on and the amount of time you need to study for finals, things can be a bit stressful. With a few simple steps, you can avoid the stress and find a way to study painlessly.

1. Map out your finals

Use a calendar, spreadsheet, or organizational tool of choice and determine when each of your finals is and then write them down. This is your “due date”. From each of those finals, figure out what you need to study and how much time is needed to study for each final. For example, if your biology final is cumulative, mark out which units you should be studying on what dates. This way you can back up your studying instead of saving it all until the last minute.

On the same calendar or spreadsheet, write down how much time you need to study for each final or work on your final project. Alternate between classes and put studying in incremental blocks as well so you won’t be overwhelmed.

2. Find a good place to study.

Maybe you can study in your room. I definitely was not one who was able to study in my room because I would constantly be distracted by what was going on around me. Because of this, I headed to the library each morning to claim “my table” where my friends and I could study. I liked having one dedicated spot to study at. You may not be the same way!

Some people like to study in the building where they’ll be taking their final and others prefer to study outside or off campus. Whatever area you can study in and focus works!

3. Schedule in breaks.

Don’t overwhelm yourself too much with only being focused on studying. Make sure you give yourself some breaks. I always loved going for a run between studying different subjects as well as having conversations with friends.

Breaks may look different from person to person, but do something that helps relieve your mind of stress of studying.

4. Schedule in fun activities.

To go with scheduling in breaks, find something fun to do with friends and make a night of it. Celebrate the end of the school year and do something that does not include studying! Movie nights are good, and so are dinners and even trips off-campus.

5. Find a tribe to study with.

My favorite part about studying was being able to study with my friends. We discovered we could study without being distracting to each other. Often since we were all in the same classes, we would study with each other and review concepts in order to better prepare.

Yes, there are some people who you know you can’t study with because you’ll be distracted, but find a good balance for yourself.

6. Know your professor’s and teacher’s office hours.

Questions are bound to come up during studying, which may not be able to be answered by your study buddy. Make sure you know your professor or teacher’s office hours and can take time to go and ask some questions. Take your notes, computer, and a sticky note of questions to ask.

7. Take care of yourself

Getting plenty of rest and exercise can help make studying and finals that much easier. Treat your body well and give your brain a full eight hours of sleep. Find a good balance while studying to make sure you don’t get too stressed out.

Eat healthy foods that fuel your body and brain and make sure you are getting outside, instead of only sitting in your study area. The stimulation and consistency makes an impact on your testing.


The most important part about finals is to not sweat the small stuff. Do the best you can and put forth your best effort! You’ve got this! Good luck!

Caitlin is one of the Content Writers for Tribe Twenty One. She is a recent graduate from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, with a degree in Elementary Education, and currently works as a 5th grade teacher. In her free time she loves to ski, run, and read.

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