Perks of Having a Fitbit

One of the biggest fitness crazes right now is fitness trackers and step counters. The most popular of these trackers is a brand most of us know and love, Fitbit.

There are many different kinds of Fitbit trackers making a perfect fit for every kind of person, which is one of the things that make them so popular. However, despite their popularity, it seems like there are still a lot of people that don’t exactly understand what they are or what they do. That’s why I’m going to be talking about 4 perks for having a Fitbit.

Whether you’ve never heard of a Fitbit before, you’re interested in getting one, or are a loyal user and lover of your Fitbit, these benefits are important for everyone to know!

It Tracks Your Exercise for You
This seems pretty obvious, since it is a fitness tracker, but I think that people often don’t realize how important and useful having your exercise tracked is. Lives are busy and it can be hard to get to the gym or take a walk, let alone keep track of how often you make it happen.

Using a Fitbit to track your activity makes it easy for you. All you have to go is get on the app, and you can see exactly how many days a week you’ve gotten some form of exercise and how many active minutes you’ve had each day. This helps you can to gauge how you’re doing actively and can even help you see where you can improve.

It Keeps You Accountable
Let’s be honest, it’s so easy to talk yourself out of working out, and it’s even easier to make excuses. You know like “I really love this show so I’m going to watch another episode instead of the gym.” Or “I’ve had a long day so I deserve a nap.” And “I’m so tired so I’m going to take the elevator instead of the stairs.” The excuses are really endless, and most of us are pretty creative with them.

However, when you have a Fitbit on 24/7, and you know it’s keeping track of your every movement, it’s much easier to get yourself to be active. It’s a motivation tool!

It tells you in simple black and white on your app how much you’re working out. And you don’t want to let yourself down with a low step count for the day or a low number of daily exercises.

Additionally, there are daily goals and challenges you can do and share with your Fitbit friends to keep you accountable. It provides personal motivation and motivation from friends!

It Makes Fitness Fun
I mentioned the challenges with friends already in this post, but these challenges are a really great way to make fitness fun. You get to compete against your friends to see who can get the most steps in a day, week, or weekend. If you’re competitive this is a great way to make sure you work out more and are staying active.

But, it’s still really fun even if you’re not too competitive. I’m not very competitive, but always have challenges going with my sorority sisters and the other Tribe 21 team members to keep myself motivated. It helps me to fun with fitness.

And the winner of each challenge gets a trophy on their Fitbit profile, which is also another fun perk of the challenges. Who doesn’t like to win?

It’s an All-in-One Health Tracker
Another great benefit of the Fitbit is that it’s really an all-in-one health device. It does way more than just tracks steps! It’s able to track most exercise such as Zumba classes and bike rides, the number of days per week you work out, active minutes, and how many hours a day you walk more than 250 steps.

However, it still goes beyond just exercise and working out. It can also be your alarm, and it tracks your sleep as long as you wear it to bed each night.

Lastly, you can also use to app to track how much water you drink each day and the food you eat.

All these things allow you to really create a healthy lifestyle without needing multiple devices or multiple apps on your phone.

Final Thoughts
Overall, there are so many benefits to having a Fitbit, and it’s something I really recommend to anyone who is interested in getting one. Most of the girls on the Tribe 21 team have a Fitbit and love it.

Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter what you think about your Fitbit if you have one! What do you think the benefits are to having one?

Faith is one of the social media editors and content writer for Tribe Twenty One. She’s a sophomore  University of North Carolina at Charolette,majoring in Special Education and minoring in Sociology. She is a sister of Sigma Alpha Omega, and has a true passion for helping other girls in college and connecting on social media.

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