Traveling on a Budget

The joy of traveling is something many people share in. After high school, the world opens up and new opportunities present themselves. You head off to college or find a job, and suddenly, your options of things you can do in life are endless. The world really does begin to feel like a blank canvas, waiting for you to discover.

While many opportunities open up, traveling soon becomes a focal point for many. Going off to see the world is more common, or even just trips nearby to visit friends and family on your own. However, one of the biggest things stopping people from traveling is the lack of funds. Whether you’re working on paying off loans or trying to afford living expenses, there is still a way to save money to be able to travel!

  1. Enroll in Frequent Flyer Programs
    1. This is my number one suggestion because so often, the most expensive part of travel is the airfare. These days, airlines are offering oodles of flying options so that travelers can actually fly and book their flights in advance. Most often, deals will be sent through your inbox for you to check out. When you see a deal come through you can’t pass up, grab it! You may be regretting not taking it later on. By also enrolling in the frequent flyer programs, your miles will accumulate to help fund a free trip in the future.
  2. Book Trips for odd days
    1. Most people think to take trips solely on the weekends, however, some of the cheapest days to fly are Thursdays and Tuesday. When possible, book trips for those days. By also booking trips on less-popular days you save yourself the hassle of dealing with crowds and pricier housing options.
  3. Fly to places to connect with friends.
    1. Most likely, your friends after high school and college will be living in very different places. Take advantage of them living far away to go and visit them. This way, you’ll have someone who can show you around the area and take you to all the local spots, as well as a free place to stay.
  4. Know your budget
    1. This is incredibly important! Knowing your budget is what should set the precedence for spending on your traveling. You want your trip to be memorable and not to break the bank.
  5. Look for deals
    1. When looking for places to go, start a list of all the places you’d like to see, and then do your research. Spend some time looking for deals on airfare for destinations, then cross the locations off on your list if they don’t fit your budget.
  6. International v. National
    1. Yes, there is an allure of traveling internationally, but that doesn’t mean that has to be your only way to travel. Consider flying somewhere in country that you haven’t seen before. Grab some friends and try out a different area of the country. There are many places to see of value in the country too!
  7. Road Trips are cool too!
    1. If you’re feeling up to it, cross-country road trips are definitely a blast with your friends. Driving in the car gives you the freedom and mobility to stop and sightsee wherever you please. Grab a map and look up an indirect route to a final destination, and see what you can see throughout the country. Sometimes, this is a much cheaper option as well!
  8. Pack Light
    1. Often, airlines charge a great deal of extra money for carry-ons or checked bags. Learn to be flexible with your wardrobe and pack only what you need. This will help you save a few extra dollars in cash as well as let you travel lighter.

Do you have any travel tips for traveling on a budget?? We’d love to hear below!

Caitlin is one of the Content Writers for Tribe Twenty One. She is a recent graduate from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, with a degree in Elementary Education, and currently works as a 5th grade teacher. In her free time she loves to ski, run, and read.

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