Ed Sheeran Gave Me the Feels

What can I say about Ed Sheeran that hasn’t already been said? He’s amazing, creative, funny, musically talented and makes me cry no matter what emotion I’m actually feeling at the time. His past albums have been amazing but in my own opinion, I think Divide has been his best work so far. Nobody can convince me he didn’t take a year long hiatus just to go fall in love with a woman then get his heart ripped out just so he can make this album. Okay maybe that’s not the case but I still missed his last year and I’m glad he is madly in love with his current girlfriend, Cherry Seaborne.

The amount of passion and love that he puts into his songs about the woman he sings about is indescribable. In “Perfect” and “How Would You Feel” I can just feel the emotions pour from his heart that makes his break up song(s) make me feel one hundred times worse for him. Most of us know how break ups can feel but every time I listen to his songs I feel the break up empathy for him.

Overall I find myself always relating to his songs no matter what. He is a true artist and I saw in a GIF one time he writes songs women can cry to…well you were right there Ed. The way he sings is how girls want their guys to feel about them or anyone to feel that way towards them anyway. Ed does give us hope though, one of his lyrics from “Happier” says “my friends say one day I’ll feel it too.” They’re talking about love and they are right; one day we will feel it. I believe right now we have Ed Sheeran for us to feel that way too haha!

“Supermarket Flowers” however would be the song that sticks out on this album because I don’t think he’s talking about the same woman as he is in all his other songs. I’ve heard on the radio and E! that this particular song is about his grandmother. His music is so powerful and vulnerable that he shows us that musicians and celebrities are humans too; they have families and this song truly depicts that.

Above all else I give this album an A+ for feels and originality; it may be another love song album but at least it’s of more hope than break ups. I’m looking forward to his next one while I sit in my room and either jam out or cry to his current one.

You can listen to the entire album here

Lizzie is one of the social media editors and content writer for Tribe Twenty One. She’s a recent graduate from Murray State University with a major in advertising. Lizzie is super spunky and is obsessed with anything coffee. Right now, Lizzie works with Tribe 21 to help lift up young women and to inspire them to pursue what sets their soul on fire.


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