The Best Times to Listen to a Podcast

It seems like podcasts are really growing in popularity. People of all ages have become interested in them. From the college student to the middle aged mom, podcasts are definitely one of the cool new things. With that being said, I wanted to take the time to share with y’all 5 different times that I listen to podcasts the most. I really think these are the best times to listen to them, but the possibilities and opportunities to listen are truly endless! Let the Tribe 21 team know either in the comments or on Twitter if you listen to them at a different time that I didn’t mention today!

The best time to listen to a podcast is…

In the car
I have a long commute to both school and work, so I definitely spend a lot of time in the car. However, the drives aren’t nearlu as bad and go by much faster when I’m listening to a podcast that interests me. If you’re interested in trying out podcasts or already listen to them, I highly suggest you listen to them in the car. You can even download episodes onto your phone so you don’t have to use any of that precious data when you’re not connected to wifi.

Doing chores or housework
Let’s be honest, none of us really want to clean or put stuff away. However, listening to a podcast while doing housework can make it much more bearable. Listening to your favorite one can make a mountain of laundry get done in record time or can make washing dishes feel like nothing. I’m someone who gets really distracted by silence, so having a podcast playing really keeps me on my game and helps me get everything done way faster.

Doing homework
Sometimes, you just don’t want to write that essay or you’re just not in the mood to do the assigned math problems. With that being said, homework goes by so much faster with something interesting playing in the background. Like I mentioned while talking about housework, I’m someone who gets really distracted my silence so having a podcast playing while I’m getting my homework done really helps me focus. However, I wouldn’t recommend playing a podcast if you’re homework requires more you to be more focused, like reading a textbook. In that case, a podcast could be a little distracting.

At the gym
If I’m being truly honest here, I’m not always in the mood to listen to music while I’m at the gym. Sometimes I’m just really in the mood to listen to one of my favorite podcasts. I especially love listening to them while I’m on the elliptical machine or the treadmill. One of benefits of podcasts is that each episode is a specific length so you can find one that matches how long you want your workout session to be.

When you’re trying to kill time
So a little known fact about me is that I always get ready to leave the house a lot earlier that I need to. Whether it’s for class or for church, you can bet that I’m most likely ready too early. That means I have some time to kill and I like to use that time to just sit in my living room or bedroom and listen to a new podcast episode. It helps time go by faster and it’s a little bit more productive than doing nothing.

If you were unsure when to listen to your favorite podcasts, I really hope I gave you some good ideas! I’ve been listening to podcasts more and more lately and you best believe that if I’m in the car, doing housework, doing homework, at the gym, or just flat out trying to kill time, I’m most likely listening to a podcast. I hope you’ve enjoyed these ideas and don’t forget to let the Tribe 21 team know either down in the comments or on twitter when you love to listen to podcasts!

Faith is one of the social media editors and content writer for Tribe Twenty One. She’s a sophomore  University of North Carolina at Charolette,majoring in Special Education and minoring in Sociology. She is a sister of Sigma Alpha Omega, and has a true passion for helping other girls in college and connecting on social media

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