5 Resume Writing Tips for Little or No Experience

You don’t have to have a resume like Elle from Legally Blonde to get noticed. No need for pink paper or perfume scents!

Stand out by being classy and not too showy or different. Highlight your strengths.

But what if I don’t have experience?

Everyone has to start somewhere. We don’t walk out of college with all the experience needed to get started in most careers out there. Everyone wants 3-5 years of experience for their new hire.

It’s easy to get discouraged reading different job ads. How can you put yourself out there knowing you don’t meet the criteria? How can you stand out as a college graduate without the experience?

You have something of value. Show it off in with these 5 resume tips.

1 – Easy To Read

Make it easy to read with a nice flow for the eyes. You want to keep attention on your resume. If it’s too busy or empty, it will be off putting.


  • Break it into sections – clearly separate with lines or dividers.
  • Make subheadings bold and large.
  • Use bullet points
  • Be to the point


  • Be long-winded
  • Clutter the page(s)
  • Provide unnecessary info
  • Add “references available upon request” – they will ask for them if they want them.

2 – Contact Info

Keep it classy. You don’t want to be remembered for leaving everything to be viewed by anyone.


  • Your Name – at the top and include both first and last name
  • Your Address – either mailing or location
  • Phone Number – cell phone with working and professional voicemail
  • Email Address – one with your name in it. Be professional.
  • Optional: Linked In


  • Facebook, Instagram, or any Personal Social Media Channels – things you share with your friends may not be appropriate for a career or job. Your potential employers will search for you on social media. Put yourself private if you need to.
  • Picture – employers will meet you at the interview. You don’t want to be discriminated against based on a photo.

3 – Description & Competencies

Provide the title to what you are applying for and give your qualifications.


  • Give a title description for what you are applying for
  • Follow it up with a sample of history and background
  • Include any relevant details such as pursuing additional degrees or certifications that are related to the job being applied for and expected completion dates


  • Give Certifications, Awards, Degrees
  • Provide programs you are skilled with using – Office, WordPress, Acrobat
  • Stick to qualifications that would benefit the job

4 – Education and Experience

Since education is what you are leaning on for the job, put it before any experience. You want potential employers to see this first since it is your biggest strength.

Education Info to Include

  • Your School Name
  • Location of School – City, State
  • Degree Awarded and Year
  • GPA
  • Any educational clubs or activities you were a part of that are relevant to your applied job.

Next, if you have any work force experience, you should list your experience. This includes babysitting, waitressing, or whatever it may be. Pick your titles carefully. Babysitter? Try Nanny and indicate your responsibilities, like being timely or assisting in caretaking.  Waitress? Use Server and indicate the customer satisfaction and handling of complaints. Make it pretty and make it fit.

5 – Community

Community is a great way to explain volunteer opportunities you participated in that are relevant to your applied job. Provide the name of the community service or leadership opportunity, dates involved, and what you did.

Prepare for your Interview!

Now that you have an eye catching resume, you can get ready for the calls and emails for your interview.

Get ready to enter the professional realm of adulting!

Camille is one of the content writers and Mental Health & Lifestyle Editor for Tribe Twenty One. She is a freelance writer and has her Bachelor’s in Marketing and Master’s in Organizational Communications from Southeastern Louisiana University.

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