Perks of Long Distance Best Friends

By: Samantha Goble

Would you believe me if I told you half of my friends group I’ve never even met? It’s true almost half of my best girlfriends I have never met or spoken a word to face to face. I met these amazing girls all online. One of my best friends Katie who you see me tweeting to allllll the time and who I founded Tribe 21 with I met through Twitter and it will be 4 years (I think…?) this April that we have been friends. Four years of completely being friends online. The others I met through Tribe 21 and we are super close and I am so thankful for each and every one of them. And since I moved across the country from Kansas to California all my friends from school are still there. So actually all of my best friends are long distance ones…. Some might say having long distances best friends is hard and the worst but I think it’s the best and here’s why. 

You always have a reason to travel and take a trip. 

Living in different places, states or countries has its perks. You always have a reason to go visit them whether for a week or a weekend. Always going to new restaurants, exploring around or just having a night in and catching up. And who doesn’t love traveling?!

You have to communicate to talk.

Both of you have to actively keep up the conversation and since you live a part you can’t rely solely in seeing them for lunch or coffee or after class to catch up on the week. They send you Snapchats of what new makeup they got or vent to them about life, or the gossip around town or event send them a play by plays while watching the latest episode of a TV show you both like. The key to long distance best friends working out is both of you are putting in the work to make it work.

They have an outside perspective. 

Having friends who live outside your world or bubble is good! They can help you see another perspective of a situation, an unbiased view, giving you another way of seeing things that maybe your friends at home might not see. They will give it to you real, raw and honest.

Meeting up is the highlight of everything. 

When you do travel to one another meeting up is the highlight of everything. It’s your birthday and Christmas all wrapped up in one. There will be squealing and jumping and lots of hugging but it’s the best feeling ever. You pick up right where you left off, like you never even left and have a million and one things to talk about. There is never a lull in conversation or a moment where both of you aren’t sharing something. And you cherish every moment together since they are a rarity. 

It isn’t easy being so far apart and takes effort to remain close but I’m thankful for them and for all of my friendships. Sure I would love if I lived near all of my friends but being a part is a good thing, for all of us. We cherish our friendship because of the work we both put in. And despite the distance apart we will always be best friends at heart as cheesy as that sounds it’s 10000% true. 


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