By: Samantha Goble

Ahhhh Spring Break, every high school or twenty something in college favorite time of year. It’s a time to escape the cold (if you live in a cold climate) and vacay to a sunny, tropical destination for sun, surf, and sand! But chances are you have a budget and need some hacks to help you out. Today, I’m sharing a few of my favorite travel hacks to help you through Spring Break in style! 

1) Search in incognito mode on your browser.
Your web browser and airline websites can track your visits and actually make the prices higher the next time you log on. By searching in incognito, they can’t see you so to speak and might have lower prices than when you searched originally. I’ve found up to a $35 dollar difference in flights by searching in incognito. 

2) Search directly.
Sometimes searching directly on the airlines websites can actually have cheaper prices than going through like Kayak or SkyScanner. Check there if your prices are a little out of your budget.

3) Go cheap.
If you’re tight on funds, fly cheap! Budget airlines like Spirit can have flights that are way less than one of the premier airlines. Granted, you don’t have all the bells and whistles but if you’re trying to save money this is the way to go!

4) Fill a room.
Chances are, you’re going with your best friends. So if you’re booking a hotel room, fill em up! You can put 4-5 people in a room and just split the cost. So a $200 a night room can only be $50 each day. 

5) Rent a place
If you’re looking for more space and a homey feel, then rent a house! You can use AirBnb or Home Away. It’s a great way to spread out and have a more personal time without having to worry about other guests. You can also put more people here, depending on the house you rent and the prices can be much cheaper than a hotel. You may even have a washer and dryer, which is great because you can wash your clothes which you can ultimately pack less! 

6) Budget
I know budgeting is the last thing you wanna do, but try to have a budget that you want to stick with. It doesn’t have to be super specific, but a number in the back of your mind. For example, a budget of $400 for the week for everything: food, shopping and adventures.

7) Save where you can
Shop at a grocery store for breakfast and lunch and splurge on dinner. Yogurt, toast, granola, sandwiches, chips, a case of water can be super inexpensive and last the week. That money you saved on breakfast and lunch you can put towards dinner or a fun activity. 

8) Get online
See if there are special deals or coupons online for activities, restaurants, etc. If you’re wanting to try a new restaurant and they have a members or rewards club, sign up! You might get a free dessert or appetizer. Try Groupon too for great deals and specials. 

9) Bring what you can
If you have the luggage space, try to bring what you can. Don’t buy $25 for a beach towel on your vacay when you can bring one from home for free. It might take up a little space but the extra $20 you save can go towards something else. You also don’t need full size products. Grab the travel or mini size at your local drugstore or Walmart/Target. 

10) Plan out your outfits.
I know it’s hard, but you’re not going to need 19039 outfits. Pack light and simple: a few pairs of shorts, a mix of casual and dressy tops, sundresses or maxi dresses, a light jacket, sandals, sneakers, bathing suits, sunglasses, a hat, and beach bag. Use the vacuum space bags to condense everything so you have more luggage space. 

Those are my 10 Spring Break travel hacks! Have any? Share in the comments below!

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