Something most readers may not know about be is that I’m in a sorority! Just recently,  I founded the chapter of Sigma Alpha Omega Christian Sorority at my university. My sorority has become such a big part of my life, so I really wanted to share why I joined/ founded one in the first place. I wanted to share little bit of a reasoning behind why I joined a sorority in general, but because my sorority has become such a big part of my life and the fact that I founded a chapter, there was obviously something really special things about Sigma Alpha Omega specifically that made me want to join.  I might mention a few of those reasons throughout as well. Sorority life is something you don’t quite understand until you’re there and are able to see for yourself, but I hope you enjoy this look into my own personal sorority life!

I joined a sorority because…

I wanted a group of girls around me with the same values.
My sorority is Christian so everything we do is backed by Christian values. My faith has become really important to me as I’ve grown older and I wanted to be a part of a group of girls that were like minded and felt the same way I do. I wanted to be a part of a group that would support those beliefs and I do think I found that in my sorority. Every organization has a core set of values, even if they aren’t strictly Christian and I think it’s important to find a group that has values that match your own.

I wanted to make an impact on my campus and in the community.
In my heart I’ve always wanted to do big things, but I always knew I’d never be able to do it alone. So I wanted to be a part of a group that had the ability to make an impact. My sorority definitely has that potential and I cannot wait to see it grow in this respect. Big things can happen when a group of people come together to do some good. One thing I love about sororities is that they are such a tight knit group of people so they have so much potential to do so much good when their members’ energy is in the right place.

I wanted to serve and advocate for a cause.
I’ve always had a heart for volunteering and advocacy. So the fact that part of sorority life is service and philanthropy is so amazing and rewarding for me. This semester, I actually serve as the Service Committee Chair for my sorority which is super fitting. It can sometimes be hard to go out n volunteer on your own or find an organization to volunteer with on your own. Sororities have so many opportunities to serve right at your fingertips and the organization philanthropy can even focus your service if you don’t know where to start.

I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself.
Growing up, I always struggled to have friends and often didn’t quite fit in. So, I always wanted to belong to a group. This is totally normal for college kids I think. I took my time finding that group that worked best for me and then the opportunity to found SAO on my campus came along. It was really scary to jump into something like that, but I knew in my heart it was what I was supposed to do and I’m always reminded how great it is that I decided to take that leap! Joining a big group of people can be scary because we’ve all heard horror stories, but being a part of something bigger has so many benefits if you go about it the right way.

I wanted to grow and learn.
I know I’m not a perfect person and I know I’ll always have a little bit of room to grow, so I really wanted to use a sorority to help me do that. There’s a bunch of different girls and personalities I can learn from and I can also grow from the experiences we have as a group. Life lessons can be learned, maturity can be learned, and you can also learn things about yourself! And with that being said, no one is perfect and everyone can benefit from being around different people and personalities. Sororities definitely give you the chance to grow and learn on a daily basis.

Making the decision to join a sorority can be a big decision and sometimes reading through someone else’s reasoning and getting a better idea of what a sorority is all about it the perfect way to make sure you’re making the best decision for you and making sure your decision is well informed. Hopefully, the 5 reasons I joined a sorority will help someone in their decision!

*DISCLAIMER: a similar post is live on my personal blog, Life With Faith*


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