Is A Cover Letter Necessary?

A cover letter is a letter that briefs your experience, education, and qualifications for a job. It can also explain why you are interested in a job. Depending on the job application description, it will explain if one’s required or not.

But you want to stick out, add the cover letter.

If you provide the information it will help for your name to be more memorable when your resume is being reviewed. It’s a professional courtesy letter and it gives more and sometimes additional information than your resume provides.  It doesn’t hurt to give more, as long as the more being given is professional.

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Thoughtful Gifts for Your Sorority Little

So now that we’re reaching the point in the semester where spring recruitments have pretty much come to an end at most schools, it’s time to start thinking about another super fun part of sorority life- getting a little. Just briefly, for anyone who does not know, “little” is short for little sister. If you’re in a sorority you get a little sister and act as a friend and mentor. Most sororities have the tradition of the bigs getting their littles gifts. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide what exactly to get your little because there are so many options and you want to give her the best of the best. I personally believe some thoughtful and personal gifts are the best. So I wanted to share a few gift ideas that might just be the perfect thing to get your little!

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Four Ways to Get Better Sleep

By: Rachel Carney

Me and sleep have always had a rocky relationship. Until about 2 years ago I spent many a sleepless night staring at the ceiling or more realistically scrolling through my Instagram feed only to wake up at 5am with the phone still in my hand.

Now I do things differently. Of course, it doesn’t work out perfectly every night but more often than not I’m asleep within 10 minutes of turning out the lights.

So here are my tips for getting a better night’s sleep.

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Perks of Long Distance Best Friends

By: Samantha Goble

Would you believe me if I told you half of my friends group I’ve never even met? It’s true almost half of my best girlfriends I have never met or spoken a word to face to face. I met these amazing girls all online. One of my best friends Katie who you see me tweeting to allllll the time and who I founded Tribe 21 with I met through Twitter and it will be 4 years (I think…?) this April that we have been friends. Four years of completely being friends online. The others I met through Tribe 21 and we are super close and I am so thankful for each and every one of them. And since I moved across the country from Kansas to California all my friends from school are still there. So actually all of my best friends are long distance ones…. Some might say having long distances best friends is hard and the worst but I think it’s the best and here’s why. 

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By: Samantha Goble

Ahhhh Spring Break, every high school or twenty something in college favorite time of year. It’s a time to escape the cold (if you live in a cold climate) and vacay to a sunny, tropical destination for sun, surf, and sand! But chances are you have a budget and need some hacks to help you out. Today, I’m sharing a few of my favorite travel hacks to help you through Spring Break in style! 

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By: Lillian Lingenfelter

Your first semester of college is finally over; we are fresh off winter break, and getting into the heart of the spring semester!  This time of year, many schools may be doing spring sorority recruitment, either formally or informally.  

Spring recruitment is great because you already know your way around campus, have formed a friend group, have probably developed good study habits, and have gotten more comfortable with being in college.  

Recruitment can be a nerve-wracking time for many women, regardless of if your university recruits in the fall or the spring.  Here are some tips to help you navigate spring formal or informal recruitment!

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By: Camille Fontenot

Organization can come in many forms: being clutter free, just knowing where everything is, or planning out goals and ideas. Let’s talk about organizing your day. I think when you plan out your goals and ideas you are organizing what you want from life–the next 10/5/1 years, months, weeks, and days. It breaks something larger down into somethings smaller and more manageable. The three organizational tips that help me the most to accomplish anything are time blocking, to-do lists, and breaks.

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By: Sara Buxton 

Burn out: you feel a little dead inside but know you have to keep going. The only thing moving one foot in front of the other is the 7th coffee you just downed. You have a test tomorrow that you should probably study for, but if you go to bed right now you could get 3 hours and 26 minutes of sleep. Sound familiar?

It’s real and it sucks.

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With Spring Break right around the corner that means there’s only a few months separating all you high school seniors from leaving your comfortable digs as upperclassmen and becoming graduates, alumni and soon-to-be college students. The prospect of college may seem scary, nerve-wracking and exciting; I know it was all of the above for me. I was a 4.0 GPA student who was involved in everything in high school from student council to yearbook, theater and the National Honor Society. You name it, I probably was in it. I was one of “those” students who over-achieved, tried way too hard and took high school maybe a little more seriously than I should have. But that was my personality; I am a type-A, driven individual who works hard at everything and anything I do.

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