Hi everyone! Katie and Samantha here. Today starts the week of posts that is different than anything we’ve ever done. We are a little nervous to launch it but we are also excited too. We started Tribe 21 as a place to encourage and inspire but also as a place to educate and bring awareness to various issues. It’s a space where we try to keep it upbeat and fun with posts but also make sure we are tacking topics that maybe aren’t the prettiest to talk about but that need to be talked about. Keeping things real, relatable and transparent is some of the most important things to us.

So with all of this being said starting tomorrow we are going to be publishing various articles about sex. Yup we said it sex. We know this a kind of taboo subject but we want to make sure the not so pretty topics are still being talked about and helping our readers, followers or those just stumbling upon our site. We want to help you guys be more educated and aware as well as be able to ask questions that you have or maybe a little embarrassed to ask your friends or others. You can ask us your questions through our #AskTribe21 tag on Twitter or you can send an email (tribe21inbox@gmail.com or through our Contact page

We are nervous and excited to launch them and hope that you guys like them too. As always we want to hear what you think so feel free to leave us a comment below or on the posts or send us an email or reach out through social media. 

Thank you guys for all of your support of Tribe 21. You guys are the reason why it was founded and why we do what we do! 



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Read more about Samantha here




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