Singleness has always had a stigma of being something you want to avoid. Being in a relationship is a goal to achieve in order to have a better life…or so the world wants you to believe. Singleness always has the stereotype of the sad girl in her pajamas eating ice cream and watching a romantic … Continue reading

I don’t know what you do with your spare time (and money), but I spend much of my time at my local coffee shop. The reason for this is mostly because I am seriously addicted to coffee, but it has also turned into a love of people watching. This may sound a bit creepy, you … Continue reading

*Disclaimer: The views of the women in this article are not being pushed on any of our readers and may not apply to the women population as a whole. The views may also differ from the views of the Tribe 21 team. All viewpoints, opinions, and experiences were volunteered. The women’s/men’s names in this article … Continue reading

Hi everyone! Katie and Samantha here. Today starts the week of posts that is different than anything we've ever done. We are a little nervous to launch it but we are also excited too. We started Tribe 21 as a place to encourage and inspire but also as a place to educate and bring awareness to … Continue reading

We asked on Twitter what you guys wanted next from Tribe 21: A Youtube channel, printables or an app and you guys voted for the Youtube channel and printables. It's going to take us a little longer to get the Youtube channel up but in the meantime we are going to be bringing you guys … Continue reading

What comes to mind when you think of the color pink? Maybe you identify pink with the color of the dress you wore yesterday, or the blush you put on as you prepared for your day. Maybe you think of the color of a newborn baby’s cheeks as it screams breath into its lungs. Or … Continue reading

Thank you to Rachel for this guest post! Living in your twenties is a busy time of life juggling college, work, traveling, living on your own for the first time, engagements, and so on. But how do you successfully get through your twenties when a chronic illness diagnosis is thrown into the picture? I was … Continue reading