There’s something to be said about this generation and dating. There’s also something else to be said about how we truly feel about committing ourselves to anything…dating, school, religion, a job. You can the name the rest of the list, if you like.

We are the generation that is so afraid that we are going to miss out on the next best thing.  If I decided to put all my eggs in one basket for one person, who is to say that they will do back for me?

Well, who’s to say that they won’t?

Who’s to say that they won’t love you?

Like you?

Care for you?

Help you?

Push you to be a better person?

Be the shoulder that you cry on?

See past all the crap you’ve been through in the past?

Bring you pizza at 2 am?

Instead, we play mind games. We keep people on the back burner for when we get bored with someone else, and hope that they don’t eventually get bored with us.  We lead people on, and try to convince ourselves that we don’t have feelings for them. We never really apologize for this action either, because we firmly believe that this is okay for us to do.

That there’s no way that someone could possibly like us for us, or heaven forbid love us even. We don’t let people in anymore in the fear of getting hurt. We keep everyone at an arm’s reach, afraid to get close to anyone. Because somewhere it is drilled into our heads that everyone will leave us.  It’s almost like we would much rather want to hurt ourselves, because then at least we can say that they didn’t do it. At least that keeps them being the good person in our eyes.

We don’t talk to people that we truly want to talk to, because we are afraid that they don’t feel the same. We don’t come off as annoying or needy. So, we ignore them in hopes that they will speak to us first. We put ourselves through hell, because we refuse to speak our minds and our feelings. Then we get beyond upset when they are with someone else.

We don’t get to know people past the superficial layer. We only look at the cover of the book, but we don’t actually want to know the contents that is in that book. We don’t get to know what makes them tick, their dreams and aspirations. The things that make them laugh that hardcore bellow belly laugh with tears in their eyes. We don’t get to know their music choices, or why they love certain television shows.  Why they act the way they do? How their past has really shaped them. No, we look at the cover and decided that’s not the story we want.

We are the generation that keeps swiping right in hopes that the next best thing will show up in front of us. That the person we match with, will be the one. Only to be highly disappointed that they aren’t the one. So, we keep swiping and swiping. In hopes that someone better will come along to occupy our time.

But what if the best thing that will ever happen to us has passed us?


Read more about Katie here.

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