We are going to pretend that I haven’t been out of high school for almost seven years, that I don’t turn 25 in a couple of months, and that I’m not halfway to 30.

I’ve compiled a short list of things that I’ve learned since high school and being a “real” adult. Go ahead, tell me how old I am if you are younger than me or just graduated. I get it daily.

1) Dating websites are the real life Bachelor (Bachelorette)
I hate to break it you, but you are probably not going to find Prince Charming or your princess on Tinder or other dating websites/apps. While Tinder is great to you get back into the game of dating, the chances of you finding a loyal guy or girl on there are slim to none. If you think that person is only talking to you, then you are naive. They probably have around six or seven other people, and you are just a back up. Honestly, I have no idea how these people find their significant on there. They are probably the same people that can make it on the Bachelor or Bachelorette.

2) Few close friends, more acquaintances
More than likely, you are only friends with a couple of people that you graduated high school with. If you are like me, then you only talk to one person that you graduated with. You were only friends with people that you went to high school with, because you saw them five days a week for twelve years. The same goes for the people that are in your classes or that you work with. You only talk to them when you’re in class or at work, but you consider yourself “friends” with these people.  Four out of six of my closest friends don’t live within 14 hours of me, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The other two, I met in high school while lifeguarding, and are still friends with. These are the kind of people that you want to keep close to you. The ones who can weather the storm with you.

3) You can’t please everyone
This one that I still struggle with daily. I am 110% a people pleaser. However, there are just somethings that you have to do for you and not worry about what other people think. You want to date that person, then go for it. You want to change your major to something you love, then do it. You want to spend that money on a concert, go for it. You want to take in that stray dog, even though you know that your parents are going to kill you…..okay, maybe you should ask them first, but do it anyways. You want that last piece of cake….you get the point now. DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY!

4) A good song can go a long way
There is something about Taylor Swift that I just don’t get. It’s like she stalks my life and writes a song about whatever is going on. But no, really, there is a song for every mood that you are in. I am just not talking about T.Swift either. Music speaks on a level that normal words cannot. Even though they are really just normal words put to a beat, but I digress. Songs are there for you, and you should listen to a good song daily. Believe it or not, songs can change your mood in a heartbeat. Want a good cry? Then listen to a sad song. Want to dance in your underwear while no one is watching? Then listen to an upbeat song.  

5)  Take that management position
If there is one thing that I am glad that I did, it would be taking a management position. While at twenty-two, I firmly believed that I could not do it or even knew what I was getting myself into. I moved up at my last job from key holder to produce manager to assistant manager in under a year. Was it hard? Yes. Do I regret not taking an internship? Sometimes. Would I change things? No, because it showed me what kind of leader I am. Sometimes that’s no leader at all, but a motivator to other people. Plus, it looks good on resume, but don’t do it for that. Do it for the experience, and to figure out what kind of leader you are.

What are some “life lessons” you’ve learned? Share in the comments below! 


Katie is a senior Advertising and English major at Murray State University. She co-founded Tribe 21 as a way to inspire and encourage young women of all ages to reach for the dreams and never settle for anything. When she is not studying or working on Tribe 21, she can be found rocking out in her car to all kinds of music, and obsessing over the dog filter on Snapchat.  Her love of sports is a little higher than most girls her age, and she can name most of the Major League Baseball teams. Her friends call her the perfect mixture of Brooke Davis and Tami Taylor.

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