Happy 2017 everyone! It’s early January and we all know what that means- it’s time for everyone to decide what their New Year’s resolutions will be for the year. Now, not everyone agrees with making resolutions, and I used to be one of those people. But I’ve still made them almost every single year despite those thoughts, like many others. So today I wanted to share a few important things to remember when it coming to choosing and carrying out your 2017 New Year’s Resolutions.

Make It Realistic.
I think it’s safe to say that we would all love to take on the entire world and would love to accomplish many things and succeed at them all. However, the truth is we can do anything but we can’t do everything. So, when making our New Year’s resolutions this year, it’s important to be realistic it what we will be able to accomplish this year. Choose challenging but realistic New Year’s resolutions! You want something that will be work for you but you want it to also be attainable as long as you work hard. If you choose a New Year’s resolution that is too challenging, you’ll only end up defeated. So please, set yourself up for success.

Make It Personal To You.
New Year’s resolutions can be really daunting and even scary sometimes, so it can be easy to pick good but generic resolution, like “work out” or “drink more water” or get more sleep.” Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that these are bad resolutions because they totally aren’t and are definitely important things. What I’m saying is that you need to pick resolutions that are personal and specific for you and your life. If you truly need to work on something that is typically considered a generic resolution, then it is totally fine for you to choose that and to work on that. However, I want to stress that you shouldn’t pick a generic resolution if it’s not something you truly need to work on. Spend a little time thinking about your resolution and make it personal. Decide on something that you personally need to really improve on.

Believe in Your Ability To Achieve It.
A lot of times people can go into the New Year and into New Year’s resolutions with the idea that they will probably fail and that they most likely won’t achieve whatever it is that they decided to work on in 2017. I just want to remind y’all how self destructive and harmful that attitude can be. If you believe you’ll fail you most likely will. But, if you go into the New Year and any resolutions you choose with the idea that you will achieve every single one of them, you’ll likely do just that. Don’t let a harmful outlook kill your progress before it even starts. Be positive. Believe in yourself.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up About Mistakes.
None of us are perfect and we will all make some sort of mistake. That’s inevitable and okay. So, there’s always a chance that we might mess up on our journey to following through with our New Year’s resolutions. We might decide to skip the gym when we know we shouldn’t. We might forget to bring a water bottle to class so we aren’t able to drink as much water that day as we wanted. Whatever it might be, it’s very likely to happen. Mistakes are part of human nature. But it’s important not to beat yourself up when those mistakes do happen. It’s important to remember that one mistake it not the full range of your own will or capability. It’s also important to remember that tomorrow is a new day.

New Year’s Resolutions are a big deal and oh so important to so many people. This makes it important to remember some things when choosing and carrying out your resolutions. Be realistic, be personal, believe, and forgive. Keeping these things in the forefront of your mind is bound to set you up for success in 2017. Tribe 21 knows you are capable of awesome things! Good luck this year in accomplishing all your goals.

What are your resolutions in 2017? Comment down below so we can keep up with you and check in! 🙂 


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