Everyone has a special tradition that their family has had for years that makes the holiday special for them. Every family has different ways of celebrating Christmas and putting their own personal family twist on the classic American celebration. As a little gift from us to you, we thought we’d each share our favorite family holiday tradition to give you a little glimpse into our family celebrations!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Tribe 21 girls!

Every Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve my dad and I play Scrabble. It’s a tradition that started my senior year of high school and has carried on for seven years. The nights always consist of me putting down words that my dad believes aren’t real words, cause he’s not hip enough with the lingo. It’s a tradition of trying to teach my dad how to be hip, but in reality just bonding time.
-Katie (Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief)

While my family celebrates all major holidays, Christmas holds a special place in our hearts, especially mine. Every year we would to my grandma’s house where she would have a beautiful dinner with all the trimmings and an equally beautiful table with her Christmas china she uses only on Christmas. I always wanted to help her, so she gave me the job of setting the table – glasses, silverware, china and napkins. As I got older I would make name cards or put down little Christmas decorations on it and I still do now. While my grandma has gotten too old to host Christmas at her house anymore, we have it at my aunt’s house and every year I tote all of the Christmas plates and silverware over and set it up just like it was when I was a kid. I was 6 when I set the table for the first time and 16 years later I haven’t missed a single one.”
-Samantha (Co-founder and Graphic Designer)

“Every family has a favorite Christmas movie that they watch each year. Some like the classics like White Christmas while others like newer movies like Elf. My family loves the 1998 classic I’ll Be Home for Christmas starring Jonathan Taylor Thomas. We started watching it when I was a little kid on a VHS tape. We used that thing every year like clockwork and many times in-between.  A couple years ago the VHS player ate the tape but my dad was so attached to our tradition that he saved it an extra year always meaning to fix it. Mom knew the tape was toast and bought it on DVD before the next Christmas so we could keep our tradition alive. My husband doesn’t understand why we all love it so much. To him we reply ‘Desert Santa Buzzard Tumbleweed!’ If you don’t understand what we’re talking about, just watch the movie.”
-Heather (Senior Writer and Editor)

“My mom’s side of the family is fairly musically inclined. Every Christmas Eve we all sit around in the living room and sing Christmas carols. My aunt plays the piano and sometimes my cousin plays her violin. My uncle and I usually do a duet and he does an amazing rendition of O Holy Night. It has always been one of my favorite holiday traditions with wonderful memories.”
-Emily (Editor and Social Media)

Every year on our home from my grandparents’ house on Christmas Day, my family takes a short detour about three-fourths of our way home. One of the little towns we drive through sets up a big, drive-through Christmas lights display in the park. No matter how old my sister, brother, and I get, my parents always stop the vehicle outside the park, make sure everyone is awake, then turn up the Christmas music as we begin our roughly three-minute adventure through the park. It’s arguably the most anticipated three-minute span of the holiday season in our family. Sometimes waking up from a food coma nap is worth it.”
-Emilee (Senior Writer)

The wrapping of our family’s Christmas gifts has become more unique each year. Instead of wrapping each gift with one layer of wrapping paper, we have a tendency to wrap with multiple layers. Usually we start with a small gift box adding more layers until the gift is completely unrecognizable. Each gift could be wrapped in upwards of ten boxes. This adds an element of work when it comes to unwrapping the gifts on Christmas morning. There have been years where I have opened layers of paper to find a clue leading me to the actual gift! My favorite year, my brother sent me on a scavenger hunt for the present, which was sitting under the couch I had been sitting on all along! This tradition has certainly added a great deal of humor each Christmas, and has shown how much we want to make each gift special, by putting that much time and energy in to our gift wrapping!”
-Caitlin (Senior Writer)

“My favorite Christmas tradition is what I do with my family on Christmas Eve. We start the day by doing some last minute shopping and getting things we need for our dinner and baking. We go home, cook and eat dinner, then we open some presents that night. Afterwards we go look at Christmas lights in our pajamas (my favorite part of the tradition), come home and bake our favorite cookies, almond kisses, while listening to Christmas music and dancing around the kitchen. We end the night by watching my mom’s favorite Christmas movie, We’re No Angels.”
-Cassie (Social Media Editor and Writer)

Growing up and even still, my grandparents come over first thing in the morning to eat a yummy breakfast and open up presents! I always wake up super early and call them right away. We don’t open anything until they come over! It’s my favorite part of Christmas.”
-Rebekah (Social Media Editor and Writer)

“My favorite holiday tradition is on New Year’s Eve. My family and I typically cook a really nice dinner and all sit down and talk about the year and also do a quick toast to the year to come. It’s something I remember doing since I was pretty young and I think it’s a nice way to end one year and start another!”
-Faith (Social Media Editor and Writer)


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