Now that the holidays have arrived, so have the beautiful decorations and Christmas activities! There are so many ways to get out and enjoy the Spirit of the Season with your friends, many of which are sure to bring about good memories and maybe even create traditions for years to come. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking about what you could do to celebrate the Holiday season with the people closest to you!

1. Ice Skating
Ice Skating is always magical, even if it’s a small rink set up outside under some twinkling Christmas lights. Find a local rink, whether that’s indoor or outdoor, and grab some friends. Make an evening out of it and skate to your heart’s content. Afterwards, grab some hot chocolate at a café or coffee shop. Make sure you bring your camera!

2. Gingerbread Houses
Whether you are one to labor over making gingerbread itself or opt for some graham crackers and frosting, host a Gingerbread House making party! You provide the frosting and graham crackers and tell each guest to bring their favorite candy to decorate with. Have awards for the end of the evening for “Most Creative House”, “Most Instagram Worthy House” to hand out to each guest.

3. White Elephant gift exchange
Instead of spending money on your tribe, opt to wrap up any item to re-gift. Play music while you sit in a circle and pass around the gifts from one person to another until the music stops. When it stops each person opens the gift in their lap. Each person can choose to trade or keep their gift. White elephant parties are the perfect place for gag gifts as well!

4. Go Caroling
Who says caroling has to only be for professionals? Bundle up in some cute winter gear and go caroling around your campus or local mall/businesses. You could hand out candy canes as you go as well!  Round up some friends so you have a whole chorus of people. You could print off lyrics to your selection of songs so each person has a copy. Another way to carol would be to go to a retirement home and sing for some senior citizens! This could be a great way to make a difference and hang out with your Tribe.

5. See the Christmas lights
If you really want to see the Christmas lights, you could always decide to drive around and look at the lights from the warmth of your car! Bring some popcorn and hot chocolate in a thermos and drive around some of the neighborhoods nearby.

6. PJ Party and Movie Night!
Invite all your gals over for a movie night with strict dress code: PJ’s only! Choose a lineup of holiday movies and spend the evening in holiday goodness. Pop some popcorn, chow down on holiday Chex Mix and candy canes or other holiday treats and watch your favorite Christmas movies.

7. Christmas Cards
Dress up in all your favorite Christmas-y gear and plan a photo shoot. Find a cute place to take pictures on campus or somewhere near home. Brick walls, cutely decorated door frames, and lighted Christmas trees all make wonderful backgrounds for photos. You could find someone to take your pictures, or put your phone/camera on a tripod or rest it somewhere on self-timer. Throw snow in the air and smile! Afterwards, you and your tribe can then create a photo collage online and have it printed out. Many businesses offer a timely turn around on getting your pictures printed out! Collect addresses of family and friends and send them out. Include a short Christmas Letter update about what each of you and your friends are up to and your hopes for the holiday season.

8. Reach Out!
Many organizations offer different ways to help out in the community this time of year. You and your friends could shovel an elderly person’s driveway, help collect winter gear, or help out with a food drive. Making a world of difference in your community would be a great way to bond with your gang.

The holidays are a pretty special time of year. Make sure you get out and make some memories with your Tribe!


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