“When are you bringing home a boyfriend?”
“But you’re so cute, how can you be single?”
“I can hook you up with one of my boyfriend’s friends.”
“Have you tried any dating websites?”

If you are anything like me, you have heard these phrases (probably many others) repeated to you constantly from friends and family. But have no fear: you are not alone, and there is nothing wrong with you. I have been single for the 19 (going on 20) years of my existence.

But, just because you are single now, doesn’t mean you are going to stay that way. With these next few holidays coming up, however, it might be a little more difficult to deal with your singleness. All of the cute mushy Christmas movies (which I honestly love) are going to be playing and pulling on our sad, single heartstrings. I have some help for you, with my many years of experience, to help these holidays in the single life go a little smoother.

1. Treat yourself.
You don’t have a significant other to buy anything for, so why not buy yourself a little something extra. Whether it be something you’ve been wanting for ages or desert when you go out to eat, treat yourself to whatever your sweet little heart desires, you deserve it.

2. Have a party with your girlfriends.
They may or may not be single, but just have a girl’s day to celebrate the upcoming holidays. This way, you can eat as much junk as you want, watch all the sappy Christmas movies that you would’ve watched alone, and enjoy some laughs before heading off to spend time with your family. For me, I know that nothing lifts my spirits like being surrounded by the people that make my days a little less glum.

3. Take a drive and enjoy the view.
One of my favorite parts about the upcoming holidays is the decorations. I love going out at night and looking at all the beautiful lights strung up and trees in people’s windows (a little creepy—I know). Crank up that holiday music and get into the spirit. It’s just something simple and relaxing, you need some time for yourself.

4. Eat all of the food.
Okay, well maybe not all of it, but eat as much as you can handle. All of the Thanksgiving turkey or Christmas ham, it doesn’t matter what you eat, or how much, there is no one there that you are trying to look good for. You can be totally relaxed with the fam without worrying about including a significant other, or trying to make yourself look like a decent human by eating only a little. EAT IT ALL.

5. No attempt to impress.
What’s worse than trying to impress your significant other in front of your own family? Trying to impress his. You don’t have to worry about those awkward first meetings at the holidays, and having to basically give your life story to every single random aunt or cousin that comes your way. Meeting the family is stressful, especially over the holidays. But guess what? You’re free, stay in your pajamas all month if you want.

6. Own it.
Going to spend time with family over Thanksgiving and Christmas without a significant other can be a little stressful. But you’ve got this. I have an uncle who never fails to hit my sister and me with a “when are you getting married,” and I just can’t help but roll my eyes. If you get this thrown at you as well, just accept it. Be confident in the strong independent individual you are.

They holidays should be a time of joy. Don’t let your current relationship status keep you from enjoying it. There is nothing wrong with you as a person if you are living the single life, and you shouldn’t have to feel ashamed—so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 


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