‘Class is canceled’ those are some of the best words a college student could hear. After waking up early to get to that early class, sitting in traffic for an hour and rushing around on the borderline of sleep deprived and on time getting to class to see the note on the door that says the class is canceled is one of the worst sights to see.
On top of all of that when you have a class later in the day which would make going home seem foolish then you’re stuck at school. I have found myself in this predicament multiple times this semester, I have found some alternatives when class in canceled which included where to go, but also things to do in the new-found free time:

1. Go to the library and get to work. In college, there’s almost always something that you can be working on whether it’s catching up on some assignments or catching up on some Netflix. The library is a great place to go to get it done.

2. Go to the coffee shop in your area. There has to be somewhere whether it is on campus or around the campus that you can go to decompress. Sometimes for me, the library is too quiet that I get distracted easier, so sometimes going somewhere else that has more going on is better for me to focus.

3. Go take care of business. This is so important and sometimes overlooked during a regular day. Go somewhere to you can talk on the phone and make phone calls to take care of things. It can be something about your financial aid, work related or just a general curiosity that needs to be addressed.

Using your time wisely is so important. In the chaos of a regular day, it is so easy to forget to take care of business.  Although it sucks driving all the way to class just to find out it was canceled take advantage of the time there, make the trip worth it!

What do you do when class is cancelled? Share in the comments below!


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