So you’ve done it. You’ve eaten your weight in turkey, shopped your heart out on Black Friday, and have successfully made it back to school! First of all, Congratulations! The holidays are here and you’re well on your way to a wonderful Holiday Season. So now you’re back at school, you have a few … Continue reading

Happy Saturday y'all! I know we don't typically post on the weekend but it's a special occasion. We just wrapped up our first giveaway yesterday and now have our two winners!  First we want to thank everyone who entered and who has supported us. You guys mean the world to us and we couldn't have … Continue reading

“When are you bringing home a boyfriend?” “But you’re so cute, how can you be single?” “I can hook you up with one of my boyfriend’s friends.” “Have you tried any dating websites?” If you are anything like me, you have heard these phrases (probably many others) repeated to you constantly from friends and family. … Continue reading

Happy Monday everyone! Today we are SO excited because we are hosting a giveaway! Yup you read that right, we are giving away a ton of cute stuff to our awesome readers! It's in honor of launching and being blown away by the support and response from you guys, because we could all use some happiness … Continue reading

Because contrary to popular belief, not all millennials living in their parent’s basements are content to be there forever. 1. Transitioning from Collegiate Life to Real Life Can Be Hard Two of my favorite things about college were having a consistent schedule and living with and near all of my friends.  Sure, some semesters that … Continue reading

If I’m being honest, one of my biggest fears when going to college was that I wouldn’t make any friends. I think this is normal for all college students, but my fear seemed to be inflated. I was planning on living at home and commuting to college and still wasn't sure I'd made the right … Continue reading

Alternately titled, “You learn a lot about yourself and relationships after a long-term five year relationship ends. Pretty sure that Shonda Rimes could create a show on this.” You are probably asking yourself these important questions right now: You are probably thinking why am I just know doing this? Why would I want you to … Continue reading

'Class is canceled' those are some of the best words a college student could hear. After waking up early to get to that early class, sitting in traffic for an hour and rushing around on the borderline of sleep deprived and on time getting to class to see the note on the door that says … Continue reading