Happy Wednesday everyone! Halloween is just a few days away which is so exciting! Whether your plans include hosting your own party, trick or treating (no one is too old for that), going to a haunted house or pumpkin patch or even a college party I’m sharing a few easy, simple, last minute Halloween costumes!

I’m also linking up items that you can buy to recreate it each costume. Most are from Forever 21 so they’re pretty inexpensive and easily accessible. Other places to look for items are Target, Charlotte Russe, Marshall’s/TJ Maxx and Old Navy. Most of this stuff you have already and only will need to get one or two additional items.


First up and very fitting for today is Wednesday Addams! Go as the goth anti- princess with a black dress, white collar, tights and heels. Wear your hair in two braids and get a foundation lighter than your skin color for a Wednesday all grown up look!


Dress Tights |  Heels

Next up is the bank robbers!  Don’t break the bank creating this costume! Grab a striped shirt, black pants, shoes, gloves, beanie and a black mask for the sneakiest and easiest costume ever! Don’t forget to grab your partner in crime too!


Hat | Shirt | Pants | Gloves | Shoes | Bag | Mask 

Grab a bestie and twin it out with the dancing emoji girls! All you need is a black leotard and black bows/headband and black flats. You’ll be dancing your way out of the house and on to the party!


Bow | Leotard | Flats

Next is a costume that touches on fun and classic! Marry Poppins! You don’t need a magic carpet bag to make this costume. All you really need is a black skirt, white button down, black brimed hat, tights and heels and with a little fabric you got yourself the perfect Poppin’s costume! You can easily make this a couple’s costume by adding your chimney sweep!


Hat | Top | Skirt | Tights | Heels | Umbrella | Purse

There you have it, 4 super easy and inexpensive, last minute Halloween costumes! You can also head to Pinterest here and check out more DIY costumes! 

What are you going as? Leave a comment or tag us in your photos! 

Have a safe and fun Halloween everyone!


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