I was at a wedding event for my part time job a couple of weekends ago and noticed that the majority of the couples were in their 30s, which was interesting to me coming from the Midwest where couples get married in their early 20s. I commented on it to my boss who said that 30 is the common age to get married in California. People tend to go to college then have a career, meet their significant other and then get married. I told her how I feel so discouraged that I’m not in a serious relationship and that so many of my friend are getting engaged and married and how hard it is to see that. She told me “everyone has a different stage of life they’re in”. Her quote really stuck with me and I kept going back to it.

Today it is so easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing with their lives; compare yours to theirs and think that you need to be where they are.  You see a girl roughly your age with a cute guy on her arm and think you need a guy too or to be engaged and planning a wedding. Or someone who has a ‘crushing it and taking names’ career and you need to have an awesome, ‘crushing it and taking names’ job too or else you’re a failure. Or if you’re in the online world you see someone who has a ton of followers, gets thousands of likes on a photo, gets to go to NYFW or other super cool events or even gets sent stuff for free and you think wow I want, no need to be like them to be somebody.

I’m here to tell you that “everyone has a different stage of life they’re in”. Some are in their school stage, career stage, others are in the marriage stage, family stage, finding themselves stage, traveling stage, enjoying life stage, whatever else they’re doing stage. Mine is going to be different than yours, than your neighbors, than every single person’s. Everyone is at different point in their life doing different things. Just because you aren’t at that stage right now doesn’t mean you won’t ever be. You’ll get there, maybe not today but you’ll get there. So stop comparing where you are in life to everyone else’s.

Remember “comparison is the thief of joy”. If you spend your life comparing it to your friends or people you see online you miss out on all the great stuff that’s in it. I know it’s hard, easier said than done. I play the comparison game every time I see a blogger have tens of thousands of likes or go to fashion week or get a brand collaboration or heck even when I see a classmate get engaged via Facebook. But I just tell myself “everyone has a different stage of life they’re in”. And that I will get to that stage one day too.


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