Alternately titled “How to feel like you accomplished something without getting out of your pajamas or brushing your hair”

1. Clean Your Room

After years of your parents relentlessly scolding you about your messy room, it can be tempting to just let it go and live your life when you move out. Even if you don’t mean for it to happen, it inevitably will. The day will come when you look around your room and realize it has reached the point where even you don’t know where things are anymore. You could shove some piles in different places and pull out a couple important things, or you can dig down deep to that little place inside of you that desperately wants to try to be a real adult. Embrace this little feeling and run with it. Put everything in a place; maybe even break out some new organizational strategies while you’re at it. If you’re feeling really motivated, you can even break out a vacuum. The feeling of internal pride and accomplishment you feel when you look around and see your floor is well worth the work!

2. Eat a Piece of Fruit or a Vegetable

Growing up, the only green foods I willingly ate were green frosting and green Skittles. But then, I grew up and went to college where my eating habits evolved to include the three classic collegiate food groups: foods stored in the freezer, foods that can be cooked in a microwave, and pizza. To truly set yourself apart from your peers who are eating cheap and convenient food, grab something healthy. Aside from being good for you and helping stave off scurvy, eating fruits and veggies every now and again go a long way to making you feel like you have it all together!

3. Make a To-Do List

As a serial procrastinator and semi-pro Netflix binge-watcher, getting things accomplished can be hard sometimes. Accomplishing a task is one of the best adult feelings out there. When you make a list, it gives you something to aim for so you don’t feel so overwhelmed trying to think of things to do or trying to remember if you’ve done anything. A list doesn’t have to be long, and they can be anything you want. Sometimes my list for a Saturday will only be: make your bed, drink a bottle of water, and walk out to get the mail. Simple things that don’t take much effort, but give you the satisfaction of accomplishment when you cross them off.

4. Read a News Article

With our 21st century lives the way they are, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of news and information we see every day. It’s also easy to think we know everything that’s going on in the world. But how often do we take the time to really learn the story behind the headline? By picking one news story to read you make yourself a more well-rounded and informed person. Being able to say you’ve heard of a news story is one thing. However, knowing a story beyond the title and be able to have an educated conversation about it brings you to a whole new level.

5. Make a Phone Call, Even if it’s Just to Mom

In a world where making phone calls is hard, making phone calls can be hard. Few people enjoy phone conversations, but regardless of your feelings towards them, they are a part of life when you become an adult. Calling a real business or scheduling a real appointment on the phone can be a little daunting, but there’s a pretty simple solution if you want the feeling of accomplishment of a phone call without having to talk to strangers. Just call someone else, like your mom or your grandma. It doesn’t have to be a long, deep conversation; just a phone call.

What things do you do to help you feel like an adult? Share in the comments below!


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